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Strawberries (& Cream)

StrawberriesCream (1)

As Britain begins to bask in temperatures that could reach upwards of 35°C, one of the most popular summer food trends is about to break into the spotlight and (quite literally) enjoy its time in the sun.

Down in SW19 some 28,000kg of these will be consumed by tennis fans sat watching sportspeople in white whilst around the country’s farms will be opening their gates to welcome families of all ages for a spot of picking. We are, of course, talking about the strawberry.

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FriFri Fryers | Brand new and available to order


Whatever caused Mr Struchen to switch professions we fear we’ll never know, but in 1947, two years after the culmination of World War II, the former manufacturing manager of a prestigious watch company decided to try his hand in the world of gas fryers. Struchen, with the help of two initial employees, began to import specialist fryers from American for the commercial Swiss market.

After a year being strictly an import business, Struchen & Cie decides to manufacture their own range of electric fryers under the bespoke brand names of De Luxe, Room, Doppo and Captain.

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Lincat OPUS 700


The OPUS 700 range is a collection of high quality, prime and heavy duty cooking equipment that has been purposefully designed to meet the exacting needs of all commercial kitchens.

Manufactured to a standardised depth of 737mm, all Lincat OPUS appliances can be placed together to form one uniform, attractive and cost-effective tailored cooking station. And best of all, because of their footprint these deliver all the power, performance and capacity you’ll need without taking up a large amount of floor space.

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London 2018 for Bocuse d’Or Europe?


Could the Bocuse d’Or, the World Cup of cooking, be heading to our nation’s capital in 2018?

The United Kingdom’s team has put forward an application to host the European heats of the prestigious competition in London. The formal announcement was made at a private function, sponsored by the catering manufacturer Manitowoc, at Quaglino’s earlier this month.

If successful, the continent wide event would be hosted at the famous ExCeL Centre in London which has hosted a number of high profile trade shows, expositions and was turned into a sporting auditorium for the 2012 Olympics.

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El Celler de Can Roca named the World’s Best Restaurant


As the calendar flipped from May to June, some of the world’s greatest chefs and restaurant owners gathered at London’s Guildhall for the unveiling of The World’s 50 Best Restaurant list for 2015.

The awards ceremony, now in its fourteenth year, brings together the supposed brightest and best in the culinary world. And following a slap up dinner at Fera at Claridge’s the great and the good, sponsors and members of the press headed off to the big event where they saw the Catalan restaurant of El Celler de Can Roca claim top spot.

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The rising popularity of Brazil’s cafe competition


“Food is something people have to buy every day, so it generates income every day,” says David Bispo, the owner of a boteco (a small café bar) in the Chapeu Mangueira area of Rio de Janeiro. “You probably haven’t bought any clothes today, but you’ve probably bought food.” And of course, he’s correct.

Bispo opened his café a couple of years ago when his work as a fisherman dried up and it’s one of a number, possibly thousands, which are found in Brazil’s most famous city. It’s not particularly flashy by all accounts, but there’s a steady trade that takes advantage of the cold beer and petiscos, small snacks which are often deep fried.

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Don’t scream over a lack of Ice Cream

ice cream

Spring is slowly turning into summer, though if the weather forecast for the next week is anything to go by it won’t be a smooth transition. But once the sun finally takes up residence in the clear blue sky, a new dawn of recipes and menus will come out to populate boards, cards and placards.

One perennial summer favourite is ice cream. Over the years the simple dish, which can trace its lineage back to 400BC, has been reinvented and has at times resembled both a staple of the desert menu and an abstract incarnation of contemporary culinary and chic trends.

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Scottish food exports rise to exceed £1bn


The Scottish government has announced that food exports topped £1bn last year, reaching an impressive total of £1.1bn. This increase – a rise of about 3.5% – was largely driven by the addition of extra sales of fish and fresh seafood which account of £613m of the total.

But add drink exports to the mix and that number skyrockets to in excess of £5.1bn, which just goes to show how popular whisky is around the world.

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Hatco Decorative Lamps

An ode to

With competition fierce in the catering sector, bars and restaurants are increasingly looking for new ways to spruce up their dining and service areas. Never before has the visual appeal of an establishment played such a crucial role.

Ensuring that your main areas such as the kitchen, preparation stations and eating tables are well lit is imperative, not only to create a luminous working environment, but also to dictate the ambiance of your premises. To achieve this and offer an affordable and practical solution for the catering trade, Hatco have recently released a range of contemporary decorative lamps and luminaires.

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Barbecues, a time-honoured tradition


So you’ve been checking the weather forecast repetitively for a couple of days and after a few anxious moments and flirtations with storm warnings, the usually temperamental British Summer is set to serve up a series of warm, sunny days.

With the sun out and those black clouds on hold, you’ll have a chance to flex your catering muscles. “It’s time,” somebody cries, trying hard not to put on a faux-Australian accent, “to bring out the barbecue!”

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