All a Twitter

TwitterDid you know that the majority of negative tweets aimed at restaurants and other catering establishments are sent by users who are still on-site?

That is what Twitter’s own Elimear Lambe said at the Digital Innovation Forum yesterday.

Lambe also added that over half of users get information about restaurants via the social media platform and implored business owners and staff members should regularly check and update their feeds in a bid to nip potential problems in the bud and present themselves well.

“78% of those who leave a negative comment are still in the restaurant while doing so.

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Could Scotland get a boost?

Saltire ScotlandThe people of Scotland go to the polls tomorrow to determine whether they want to become and independent nation or stay within the Union of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is a momentous day for many reasons.

Come Friday morning when the result is known, what would a yes or no vote mean for the thriving Scottish foodservice and catering industries?

According to an article we’ve seen on on the internet recently, some consultancies and industry analysts are predicting that the sectors could be in line for a boost – if the ‘Yes’ movement wins.

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In with the new flavours of ice cream

Ice CreamThe weather is set for a September renaissance this week, but sadly the longer term forecasts suggests that we are set for a traditional British autumn rather than a prolonged ‘Indian summer’. However that won’t stop us from talking about a true heatwave treat: Ice cream.

Did you know that we are beginning to shift away from the traditional Neapolitan flavours towards crazier varieties?

That is what an ice cream supplier found out in a recent survey.

Chefs, operators and restaurant owners were all asked about the dining habits of their clientele and over two-thirds of respondents said that new flavours such as grape and salter caramel were being gobbled up at the end of a meal.

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Tax equality day – 24th September

financialsHave you got the 24th September written down in your diaries and importantly; are you lowering your prices on that day?

Many pubs and restaurants in the United Kingdom will be reducing the cost of their food and drink in an industry wide effort to highlight the benefits of slashing hospitality VAT.

15,000 venues have already signed up to take part in what has been dubbed ‘Tax Equality Day’, which has been masterminded and organised by the VAT Club.

During opening hours the participating establishments will cut their food and drink prices by 7.5%.

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New law looms for mobile caterers

Some new pan-European wide legislation comes into force next month that is set to affect those who work at all levels within the mobile catering trade.

Set to go live at the tail end of October, the Individual Vehicle Approval Scheme marks a substantial change when compared to laws that are currently in place. Because of this, operators are being warned by numerous agencies to actively plan ahead in order to ensure that their vehicles meet the required standards or safety.

If trucks and vans fail to comply, then there is a strong chance that insurance could be considered invalid.

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Great British Pub Awards, tonight!


Later tonight some publicans will be enjoying a well-deserved night off from pulling pints and conversing with the locals. Instead of working behind the bar, the great and the good will be in London later this evening with their fingers crossed as they attend the Great British Pub Awards.

The event will be hosted by Sky Sports’ F1 presenter Natalie Pinkham.

There are some seventeen categories covering a wide range of pubs – from sports, to gastro to the old fashioned – and these have been picked from ninety regional winners.

These seventeen, award winning in their own right, will then be whittled down to just one, and that pub will walk away with the grandest prize of them all.

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The £100 Record Breaking Hot Dog

The Juuni Dog

From time to time, there is a moment when we take a step backwards and shake our heads in disbelief.

No, we aren’t referring to a positive England performance in Switzerland or the (absurd?) fallout that surround the whole #bincident situation on the Great British Bake Off; it’s about the humble, versatile and generally comforting hot dog.

Browsing the annals of the internet we stumbled across a headline that drew our attention. To paraphrase, it stated that a new hot dog creation had entered the Guinness Book of World Records for being the most expensive foot long in history.

So, how much does it cost?

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Lainox Naboo

NabooWe weren’t surprised when we found out that Lainox’s signature range of combination ovens, the Naboo, was on Hotelympia’s Innovation Awards shortlist.

With their HeartGreen range of units being a perennial industry favourite, the latest model off the Italian manufacturer’s conveyor belt was always going to set the standard.

The flagship Naboo range of combination ovens ushers in the next generation of kitchen technology by bringing full Wi-Fi connectivity to your premises and giving your chefs complete access to a plethora of recipes and settings, all of which are stored on Lainox’s secure cloud.

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Could potatoes and other crops be a thing of the past?


Not that we want to be the bearers of bad news in any way, shape or form, but there has been a report that has set the alarms bells ringing.

You see, we love the potato. It is so simple and so incredibly versatile that it can be combined with just about anything, and it can be put to any use within the kitchen too – from roasts to jackets, pancakes to dumplings and even the odd potato salad.

So when researchers from the University of Exeter released a statement warning that Britain has “significantly understated” risks associated with growing, we read with furrowed brows.

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Science proves mozzarella is the best

Mozzarella PizzaThe true connoisseurs of the pizza will tell you that making and creating the perfect slice of Italiana takes a lot of skill and knowledge. There are numerous variables that need to be micromanaged at every step of the preparation and cooking stages but, along with the base and the tomato sauce, mozzarella has remained a constant.

As to why this southern Italian cheese has become the traditional choice we will likely never know – the true story has probably been lost in a long and winding game of Chinese Whispers – but it has been the default option because it melts to absolute perfection, it compliments just about everything else and, well, it is delicious.

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