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Dishes around the World: Boller i Karry


When you think of Denmark, you probably wouldn’t think of curry as one of the nations signature dishes.

Boller i Karry is Denmark’s traditional meatball and curry medley that is much-loved throughout the small, but beautiful country.

Mildly spiced, this is not a recipe you want to miss out on, and could be an excellent addition to any family menu… …continue reading Dishes around the World: Boller i Karry

Dishes around the World: Kalua pig


You’ve probably never had Kālua pig before, that’s because it’s one of Hawaii’s best kept culinary secrets.

The word Kālua literally means “to cook in an underground oven”, with any dish cooked in this method taking the name, such as kālua pig or kālua turkey.

Incredibly simple, healthy and also insanely tasty. Kālua pork is slight variation on one of the Pacific islands finest exports, and we’re going to explain how to cook the dish without needing an underground oven!

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Instanta Sureflow Touch: The range


British designed and manufactured, Instanta’s brand new SureFlow Touch range of superb instant water boilers combine cutting-edge technology and minimalist style into the complete water boiling package.

Fusing Instanta’s trademark style with simple push button operation, these British made boilers offer the perfect way to give guests access to quality hot water, and quickly.

Access to hot water is integral in any catering operation, the question is, why haven’t you upgraded yet?

…continue reading Instanta Sureflow Touch: The range

British Game Week: A taste of game


British Game Week (20-27 November) is all about highlighting the importance of our game hunting heritage, whilst also promoting the quality of some of what would be considered “less popular” meats from around the British Isles.

The entire week – run by BASC’s Taste of Game campaign and the Countryside Alliance’s Game to Eat campaign – will consist of a wide variety of events, dinners and special offers promoting game to the Great British public.

If you haven’t tried game before, we encourage you to do so! As foodies ourselves, we will be sure to get involved and get tasting some meats we might never ever have considered before.

…continue reading British Game Week: A taste of game

How to prepare your business for winter


Cold weather doesn’t stop customers from coming through the doors, in some cases it can drive your business with customers looking for home comforts whilst out on the cold, dark and dingy streets of Great Britain.

Have you had an audit of your winter practices? The colder weather is likely to see tastes and habits change in both your customers and, of course, your business.

Here’s a few top tips on how to get set for winter…

…continue reading How to prepare your business for winter

Dishes around the World: Gyros


There’s a great number of things that have come from Greece over millennia, democracy, philosophy, the Olympics, literature, histriography, political science, major mathematical and scientific principles and much more.

But one area that probably doesn’t get as much acknowledgement as it should, is the food.

One of the best street-style foods to come from the Hellenic nation is the Gyro…

…continue reading Dishes around the World: Gyros

Get set for Guy Fawkes Night

guy fawkes night

Remember, remember the fifth of November…because it’s one of the biggest nights in the calendar of many Britons.

For pubs, bars, clubs and more that might be thinking of a Bonfire Night celebration, complete with all the treason-based trimmings.

We’ve got everything you could possibly need to make Guy Fawkes Night a major success… …continue reading Get set for Guy Fawkes Night

National Sandwich Day: A brief history of the sandwich

A brief history of the sandwich

The origin of the sandwich is as obvious as the name itself, or so many of us think…the history of the sandwich is not as simple as it might seem…

First appearing in written English in the journal of Edward Gibbon – an 18th century MP – one of the world’s most popular lunchtime meals takes it’s name from John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich. Where it was said he ordered his valet to bring him meat tucked between two pieces of bread, whilst playing cards.

Other players would order “the same as Sandwich!”. But Montagu can’t be the owner of the simple combination of bread and filling. …continue reading National Sandwich Day: A brief history of the sandwich

National Roast Dinner Day: Host the roast

National Roast Dinner Day host the roast

The humble roast dinner is a British tradition that people of all ages absolutely adore.

Organised by the Soil Association, the charity have teamed up with schools, nurseries and parents up and down these Great British Isles to help celebrate the best of our cooks, caterers and the growers who make our roasts so special.

Food for Life – the portion of the Soil Association responsible for schools, nurseries and hospitals – have all manner of events, competitions and prizes to give away to those who take part in the event.

…continue reading National Roast Dinner Day: Host the roast