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National Apple Day 2016

apple day

Today we celebrate the incredible diversity of the wonderful delicious apple.

Over the world there are over 2,300 types of the fruit to pick from, but here on these shores we stick to our traditional favourites such as the Granny Smith and the Cox – though recent trends have seen sweeter varieties like the Gala, Pink Lady and Jazz gain new levels of popularity.

However in the midst of all the pomp and circumstance surrounding the UK’s National Apple Day, there are some alarming statistics which have come to light, the most worrying one being that two-thirds of British orchards have been lost since the 1960s.

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International Chefs Day: Hail to the Chef

international chef day

Every single year on the 20th of October we celebrate the culinary innovators around the World with International Chefs Day.

Organised by the World Association of Chef Societies, over 103 member organisations around the world take part in this special day by hosting workshops and activities for hundreds of thousands of children in a bid to improve eating habits and teach important life cooking skills!

Supported by many of the manufacturers we as catering suppliers stock, we are proud to provide UK based Chefs with all the kit they need to create culinary marvels.

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Potato Alternatives

potato alternatives

Whether you’re suffering from a supermarket shortage and higher prices due to poor harvests or you’re simply bored and looking for a change, there are plenty of other interesting root vegetables that can be used as an alternative to the potato.

The rise of healthy alternatives has given us much more food to tantalise our tastebuds with healthier alternative ingredients to our age-old classics.

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National Chocolate Week: Chocolate Heaven

national chocolate week

National Chocolate Week is a celebration of all things cocoa from the 10-16th October that culminates in the Chocolate Show, which runs from the 14-16th October at Olympia National Hall, London.

And with hundreds of events expected throughout the week from the UK’s top chocolatiers and chocolate companies, and even bars, restaurants are getting involved.

We thought we’d weigh-in and give you a couple of our favourite classy chocolate recipes to help you celebrate all things chocolate in style. These recipes are on us ;)…

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National Curry Week 2016: A celebration of all things curry

national curry week

National Curry Week is a celebration of one of our great nation’s favourite dishes.

Some 23 million people, just under half of the population, eat curry in United Kingdom every year and those behind the Curry Week forecast that the average Brit will spend nearly £34,000 on traditional subcontinent cooking in their lifetime.

From proper Indian restaurant fare to the no traditional pub curry, we are mad for curry.

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Dishes around the World: Tabbouleh

lentil tabbouleh

A vegetarian salad that exudes colours and flavours, Tabbouleh is a great way to shake up your salad menu options in an instant.

Tabbouleh in the less-traditional sense, can be made in any number of ways to suit your menu or accompany another portion of your dishes.

Usually served as part of a mezze in the Arab world, we think that the rest of world really took notice of this amazing vegetarian option. …continue reading Dishes around the World: Tabbouleh

Olio: The app tackling our food waste…a business opportunity

The app tackling our food waste...a business opportunity

Food waste is a problem that plagues all areas of our food businesses, and not least the consumers that buy our produce, dishes etc.

The war on food waste is one that we can win though, as suppliers to the catering trade, we offer storage, preparation and other solutions to help you increase the longevity of all of your raw, cooked and cured foods.

A new app is now helping everyone benefit – even businesses – by allowing us to share food before it goes to waste. …continue reading Olio: The app tackling our food waste…a business opportunity

The problem with TripAdvisor: And how to deal with it

the problem with tripadvisor

Crowd-sourced review sites can be a great way to increase the footfall in your business, with rankings really helping give people an indication of what your restaurant, cafe, coffee shop or bar is like before they even visit.

But there are some serious issues with the crowd-sourced review site, the biggest of them all being TripAdvisor.

Whilst a good idea in principal, we can’t help but see the problem with TripAdvisor.

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Dishes around the World: Tom yum soup


Our Dishes around the World series is aimed at helping you, the caterer, restaurateur, street food artist, cafe, bar, pub, club and the rest get more from your menu.

The Great British palate has changed more in the last 10 years than at probably any other time in history. The people want high quality grub from all over the globe.

This time around, we highlight Tom yum soup. A Thai soup that is just as popular in neighbouring Cambodia, Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore.

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