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Rational Cooking Live Leeds (6 April) – Book now!

Rational Cooking Live

It is only a couple of weeks until Rational’s award-winning Cooking Live event returns to Leeds.

Hosted by accredited chefs, this hands-on demonstration day is free to attend and should not to be missed.

Held at Elland Road, attendees will get the chance to see Rational’s range of combination ovens in action. Also, you will get the chance to ask questions and find out how these market-leading appliances can transform your commercial kitchen.

Book your place today, through CS Catering Equipment.

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Introducing…Meiko UPster

Meiko Upster

The award-winning manufacturer Meiko has recently launched a brand new line of dishwashers and glasswashers.

Officially unveiled at Hotelympia, the UPster range contains premium warewashing appliances at a reasonable price point.

Comprising of one dedicated glasswasher, two glasswashers/dishwashers, four pass-through dishwashers (two of which are shortened models for space-limited areas), and two rack transport machines, this innovative range is perfect for any business that wishes to maximise their budget.

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Flexsil-lids: Seal Fresh, Serve Fresh

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Flexsil-lid: the revolutionary product that will reduce waste in an instant.

In many ways, commercial kitchens are the Aladdin’s Caves of the culinary world.

Wherever you look, you will find gadgets and accessories that chefs, hoteliers and waiters need in order to prepare, maintain and serve. You open a draw here and you find it stacked with a treasure trove of knives; open a cupboard over there and find cling-film, pastry cutters and other specialist gizmos.

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Introducing Iglu Mirabilia Refrigerated Displays

Iglu Mirabilia

Inspired by their previous work creating bespoke, high-end installations, Iglu has created a tailored range of refrigerated displays.

Launched at the world famous Host Exhibition in Milan last year, their Mirabilia System comprises of ten specialist displays, each perfectly created to suit a different type of food or beverage. Each item has been designed in coordination with renowned chefs and industry professionals.

With more and more establishments opting to showcase their fresh produce in front-of-house locations, Iglu’s Mirabilia collection is the perfect marriage of aesthetics, functionality and quality that premium restaurants and bars require.

Initially, we will be providing three different models: Royal, Cheese and Diana. Each unit is made to order, giving you the opportunity to co-create a refrigerated display that is at one with both your menu and your décor.

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Chocolate Boosts Brain Power!


Whenever a story appears about a particular type of food, it tends to fall into one of two categories: Either it is bad for you, and its consumption should be limited or avoided altogether, or it is beneficial to our overall health.

Over the years, chocolate has flittered between the two camps. Sure, strictly speaking, it is bad for you – no respected health professional is going to propose a chocolate-heavy diet – but there are some positives to having an occasional bite in moderation.

Now, however, there appears to be definitive proof that chocolate does actually help boost brainpower.

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Stock Up For Summer With the Interlevin ECF98


Stock up for summer with the Interlevin ECF98 Chest Freezer.

With civil time switching from Greenwich Mean to British Summer, we can officially start thinking about what we are going to do in those sun-kissed months. For some that signals the start of planning trips along the south coast of France, for others it might mean packing the wellies and heading off to music festivals.

But what should you be thinking of with summer firmly on the horizon?

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Euro 2016: A Boost for British Pubs


With three home nations off to France this summer, Euro 2016 could prove to be a bumper tournament for British pubs.

According to a report conducted by Carlsberg, the upcoming European Championships could attune for an extra £60 million for the pub trade.

The brewer though was quick to point out that the £60 million figure was a conservative one.

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Special Offer: Williams R100-SFD

Catering Template

Over the years, our eating habits have slowly changed.

Today, with meetings, appointments and busy schedules, we are more inclined to grab something to eat or drink ‘on the go’ than we were at any other point in history.

Supermarkets have their own sandwich sections, bakeries have their own easy-to-access display to entice in hurried customers, and coffee shops and local stores ensure that key products are placed in convenient locations.

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Incoming…Fage Pizza Ovens

Coming soon: Fage Pizza Ovens

Made with pride in Italy

Fage gas pizza ovens offer users the quality and artistry associated with traditional units, but with the efficiency and lower cost of a gas-powered appliance.

The 70/2G and the 10560/2G are both twin deck models that make brilliant use of their comparatively small frames.

Built to a high standard, the ovens’ cooking chamber is constructed out of steel and the two units feature long-lasting stainless steel doors and fascia.

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Blue Seal G750-6 SR: Advanced, Adaptable & Accessible


Part of Blue Seal’s SR Series, the G750-6 Six Burner Oven has been specifically designed and manufactured to withstand heavy duty use in compact areas.

Available at £1,112.99* (or just £10.24* per week for those heading down the leasing route), this oven is an incredibly popular appliance and we’re pleased to say that it now comes with a two-year parts and labour warranty as standard.

Some features of this best-selling gas-powered oven include:

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