Offer: Dynamic MX91 stick blender

Dynamic MX91Instantly recognisable, the Dynamic MX91 stick blender is a robust and highly efficient piece of kitchen equipment that can easily withstand the robust tasks and rigours that hectic commercial catering premises can throw at it – which is what you would expect from a model that is taken from Dynamic’s Master range.

The Master mixer line comprises of some of the most advanced and versatile mixers not only produced by Dynamic, but of any catering manufacturer. Strong, dependable and adaptable, these power items are capable of mixing, emulsifying and pureeing liquids up to 100 litres in volume without hassle. As such they are favoured by commercial and professional chefs and those who work within the kitchens thanks to their unwavering reliability to get the job done.

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Food waste back on the agenda in both the Lords and Commons

Food Waste in binEarlier this month the House of Lords rejected the proposed introduction of a ‘Good Samaritan’ bill in Britain, citing concerns that it would lead to “perverse consequences” for the many retail and restaurants chains, and cafes that already were making an effort to donate their surplus quantities of food to good causes.

But, a number of days later, Labour MP Kerry McCarthy drew up a bill to further discuss the problem of food waste in Great Britain.

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GM crop could produce heart protecting crops

Crop fieldGenetically modified food is a contentious issue. Some people are proponents of adopting a scientific approach to alter the makeup of plants and animals to improve them, whilst those on the opposing side are vehemently against the idea of tampering with nature.

However it is hard not to ignore the news story that broke earlier on today that a group of British-based scientists have been granted permission to trial a crop of GM camelina plants.

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SpicesEaster weekend is just around the corner.

It is so close that we can already visualise butter melting into lightly toasted hot cross buns; guiltily take pleasure from a plethora of indulgent Easter eggs and frankly, we cannot wait for our traditional roasted leg of lamb sat on the kitchen table come Sunday afternoon.

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Marco T10 Ecoboiler

Marco EcoboilerThere are a large variety of water boilers out there in production and they all, generally, provide the same purpose: to dispense hot water quickly and efficiently.

Water boilers are very popular pieces of catering equipment that can be found in a whole number of establishments ranging from hotels and restaurants through to conference halls and office spaces.

All people need is a cup and some coffee or a teabag – not forgetting other options like instant soup or hot chocolate – and you can whip up a hot beverage in no time at all whilst cutting down on outgoing costs: electrical bills will be decreased and there will be a drastic decrease in the amount of water that goes to waste.

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EU Regulation 882/2004

EU Parliament debate hallThe Nationwide Caterers Association (NCASS) has been collecting signatures opposing a piece of legislation that it claims could cause irrevocable damage to all areas of the catering industry.

Whether you are running a catering business large or small, keeping a tab on your expenditure is vital to secure a long term future. Whether it be increasing energy of food prices or and growth in administrative fees, all outgoings are rigorously monitored and compared with incomings.

As one supermarket chain says, every little helps.

Well, in the European Parliament, MEP’s have been in consultation about bringing in new changes to EU Regulation 882/2004 which, it is claimed, will see a change in funding parameters for an establishment that undergoes a hygiene inspection. 

Voting took place yesterday.

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Catering for the gluten-free

Many objects, such as bread, contain glutenA new report has been recently published and it has shown that ‘free-from’ foods are becoming more prominent in restaurants, cafes and retailers around the country, giving people with allergies and intolerances, and those opting for lifestyle reasons, more choice on Britain’s high streets.

The data shows that the ‘free-from’ market has grown at a rate of 10% year-on-year to £347m in 2013.

People who are coeliac, and have a severe gluten allergy, account for 5% of the population whilst a further 10% are gluten intolerant, and a further 5% just avoid gluten products as part of a conscious lifestyle choice.

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Three foods that boost energy

Dark ChocolateSome foods can perk you up a little bit, meaning that if you cannot fit a little siesta into your daily schedule and are wanting to stay away from heavily caffeinated pick-me-ups like supersized lattes and neat espressos, then these bites can give you a little boost of energy.

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School kitchens still need improvements

Chefs at workWith new legislation coming into effect for the new academic year, many schools still do not have adequate facilities to cater for children entitled to meals.

New figures, released over the past couple of days, suggest that nearly 3,000 primary still are not ready.

More than 1,700 institutions do not have a functioning kitchen either.

These schools will either have to employ external caterers, and get the meals delivered, or use neighbouring amenities and transport items in themselves.

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Clampdown on fast-food outlets to reduce obesity, study claims

chipsUK researchers have claimed that reducing the number of fast food outlets in areas surrounding offices and homes could be one efficient way of combatting the current obesity epidemic.

The research suggests that the exposure to take-away stores can nearly double your chance of being overweight and that measures to restrict access to these types of food retailers should be undertaken.

The scientists’ report was published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) not too long ago.

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