Scottish food exports rise to exceed £1bn


The Scottish government has announced that food exports topped £1bn last year, reaching an impressive total of £1.1bn. This increase – a rise of about 3.5% – was largely driven by the addition of extra sales of fish and fresh seafood which account of £613m of the total.

But add drink exports to the mix and that number skyrockets to in excess of £5.1bn, which just goes to show how popular whisky is around the world.

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Hatco Decorative Lamps

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With competition fierce in the catering sector, bars and restaurants are increasingly looking for new ways to spruce up their dining and service areas. Never before has the visual appeal of an establishment played such a crucial role.

Ensuring that your main areas such as the kitchen, preparation stations and eating tables are well lit is imperative, not only to create a luminous working environment, but also to dictate the ambiance of your premises. To achieve this and offer an affordable and practical solution for the catering trade, Hatco have recently released a range of contemporary decorative lamps and luminaires.

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Barbecues, a time-honoured tradition


So you’ve been checking the weather forecast repetitively for a couple of days and after a few anxious moments and flirtations with storm warnings, the usually temperamental British Summer is set to serve up a series of warm, sunny days.

With the sun out and those black clouds on hold, you’ll have a chance to flex your catering muscles. “It’s time,” somebody cries, trying hard not to put on a faux-Australian accent, “to bring out the barbecue!”

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Cork popping equipment for English Wine Week


The Roman writer, senator and historian Tacitus once called described the British weather as being ‘objectionable’ and lamented that our climate wasn’t beneficial to the growing of certain types of vine and other crops, ones that would typically flourish in the warmer climes of Italy.

We’ll forgive him for his disparaging remarks, but at least we know that some Romans tried to establish vineyards here in Britain. And that should really come as no surprise given that by all accounts the Romans were fond of a glass of wine or two – a bit like us really.

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The thing about plates


If you have had one eye on social media whilst dancing round the kitchen in preparation for the evening dinner rush, you surely can’t have missed the debate –and furore – surrounding the Twitter account @WeWantPlates. There have been some staunch defenders of traditional table-tops and some fierce critics of it, arguing that the current trend for theatrical centre-pieces adds to the enjoyment of dining out.

But are burgers on boards (surely standard practice?), bread in flat caps (how Yorkshire) and fry-ups on a spade (so customers can literally shovel down a few sausages and rashers of bacon) really necessary?

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The Nectar of the Gods is making a comeback


Mead, the drink from the age of dragons*, conquests and war is about to be reinvented for the modern market.

The fermented honey drink is alleged to be one of the oldest alcoholic beverages in existence and there’s a good claim that it could be one of the most popular too. Back when Kings and Queens ruled with an iron fist and waged war on neighbouring nations, mead was commonplace in the taverns of Great Britain.

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Everything you need for Doughnut Week


National Doughnut Week is scheduled to take place between the 9th and 16th of May. The seven day bonanza is a unique opportunity for bakeries, cafes, coffee shops and restaurants of all sizes and statures to promote the doughnut, whatever its variety.

And as always, we here at CS Catering Equipment are ready and prepared to ensure that you have everything that you’ll need to create and promote some truly delicious doughnuts. (Or as we called them in our house, “duffnuts”)

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A brief history of the doughnut

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The origin of the doughnut is very ambiguous; to use a well-worn cliché you could say that it’s clear as mud.

But whilst its derivation may be muddled the snack is something of an American institution and a global phenomenon. From bakers to supermarket shelves through artisan bakers beset about reinventing the wheel, you’ll be able find the humble doughnut in some form.

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Omega Juicers


After spending twenty years working with consumers on a daily basis to solve beverage problems and running a market leading juicing company, you could say that Robert Leo had squeezed the most out of his profession. However, you’d be wrong.

With two decade’s worth of experience under his belt and countless customer queries and recommendations to go on, Leo thought that he could create something from scratch that would stand out in a congested industry.

He believed and he did.

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Is the future of wine Chinese?


When it comes to creating a delicately tailored drinks menu to compliment your array of finely chosen mains, where do you typically look to source your wine from?

Normally, we’d expect that the vast majority of options in high street restaurants and fine dining establishments originate from the traditional wine-growing powerhouses of Spain and France, backed up with a couple of options from different nations such as Chile and Australia.

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