Cuppone Special offer: Twin-decked Tiziano pizza oven and stand

Tiziano Twin DeckFirst recorded in John Heyweood’s compendium of 16th Century proverbs is the saying “two heads are better than one.” Over the years that idiom has been proved to be correct time after time.

At the moment, we have interpreted that expression and updated it.

“A two decked pizza oven is better than a single decked pizza oven”

For a limited period of time – the next ten days to be exact – the twin decked Cuppone Tiziano LLKTZ5202 oven is on special offer!

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German sausage cartel fined

SausagesIt has been the worst news possible for a group of German sausage manufacturers who have been handed a £268m fine after being found to have formed an illegal cartel that worked together to fix costs.

The Federal Cartel Authority (FCA), who oversee and ensure that competition in the German market is fair and legal, announced that over twenty different groups formed the cartel and have been manipulating prices for a number of years.

Dubbed as the Atlantic Group after the Hamburg hotel where they are alleged to have originally met, many of the implicated producers such as Zur Muhlen Gruppe have denied any involvement in the illicit activity, though eleven had admitted wrongdoing and worked alongside the relevant authorities during the investigation.

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Can beans and eggs fight off disease?

Beans on toastYou may have seen the click-baiting headlines flying around social media. “Smelling farts cure cancer,” “Fart smells have big health benefits,” and the like. Admittedly, it’s been hard to resist reading some of those sensational headlines and making the odd joke about it, giggling like school children.

But if you cut through the playground humour of it all, there is actually some science behind the story, though potentially not as much as you may have been led to believe.

In the most recent issue of the Medicinal Chemistry Communications journal, Sophie Le Trionnaire and other researchers at the University of Exeter looked into the impact of hydrogen sulphide gas on cells’ mitochondria. …continue reading Can beans and eggs fight off disease?

5 Top Restaurant Turn Offs

Wine glasses on brickRestaurants are losing out on income and vital addition revenue through a combination of meagre customer service and abject cleaning practices, a survey by the PR group Censuswide has found.

Those questioned stated that a bad customer service experience was their biggest turn off, though it would not necessarily stop them from returning to the establishment.

More worryingly however for caterers was that over half of the participants stated that unwashed glassware would force people to think twice about revisiting whilst dirty cutlery would put people off altogether.

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UK catering industries receive World Cup boost

Football_sandThe World Cup was brought to a dramatic close last night in Rio de Janeiro as Bayern Munich’s Mario Götze came off the bench to score an extra-time winner, giving victory and a fourth world title to Germany.

Sadly, however, England’s performances were not up to par and the likes of Wayne Rooney, Joe Hart and Steven Gerrard, all ended up traipsing home rather earlier than anybody would have liked.

But even despite England’s group-stage exit, the biggest sporting event in the world delivered numerous thrills, spills and shocks. 

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Genetic study suggests alcohol consumption should be lowered

cocktailsPrevious studies have suggested that keeping your alcohol consumption somewhere between 12 and 25 units per week could be good be relatively good for your health, but a new piece of research that has been published in the BMJ has brought some opposing evidence to light.

After gathering data from over 250,000 participants across 56 studies, it was concluded that light drinkers can reduce their risk of contracting coronary heart disease by cutting down their alcohol consumption even further.

The message is clear, said the professors who led the study, that the less you drink the better.

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Devilled Kidneys


A quick post-work nip out to the shops last night left me with a particularly peculiar choice to make. Whilst browsing through the whiskeys, beer and birthday cards I came upon a conundrum: what to have for tea?

It was there that some devilish thoughts appeared; kidneys would be on the menu.

Devilling foodstuffs was especially popular during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and the practice may have gone out of fashion in recent years, but there is good reason why it is considered – in some circles at least – as a bona fide classic, with Devilled Kidneys being the crème de la crème.

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Kickstarting the potato salad

The perfect potato salad

“Bringing people together on the neutral ground of [the] potato salad is a beautiful thing,” one commenter wrote about Zack Brown’s endeavour. For somebody with the middle name ‘Danger’ (or so he claims, we haven’t seen his birth certificate to prove or disprove this rather moot point) Brown’s Kickstarter campaign is rather benign: all he wants to do is create a potato salad.

Over 3,000 people have backed his dream, donating anything between $1 and $50 in order to help Brown fulfil his life-long dream of making his first ever batch of potato salad. …continue reading Kickstarting the potato salad

An American mobile caterer forces a planning rethink

NAAFI wagonWe have seen over the years that there has been a distinct upturn in the mobile catering business, and there’s a lot to love about this burgeoning sector of the market.

But with its rise in popularity it has posed a number of regulators within councils and the like a number of problems, but by and large these have been pre-emptively addressed.

Apart this one story we have found.

According to the Columbia County News Times, one mobile caterer has caught the local authorities off guard and now they are being forced into looking into current legislation in order to accommodate his success!

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The better the food looks, the better it tastes

SaladWe have often wondered if it’s actually a fact that the better the food looks, the better it tastes.

Sadly, a group of scientists got around to factually determining whether or not this was the case before we did.

Backing the long-held assumptions touted by chefs, restaurateurs and food critics alike, a number of researchers have served up some evidence that finds people really do prefer food that looks good.

A number of psychologists worked together and gave volunteers the chance to eat a salad that had been prepared.

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