Get the perfect crust for British Pie Week

CSC-PieResearch suggests that 75% of the UK population enjoy tucking into a pie at least once a month and, luckily, British Pie Week is on the horizon.

Despite the rise of exotic cuisines and trendy diets, a good pie is still a favourite of the nation. Be it pork, steak and ale, vegetable or a traditional Bramley apple, a pie, we feel, is to be applauded and placed upon a pedestal.

With people predicting that classic British foods are expected to undergo a renaissance this year thanks in part to the rise of street food and pop-up catering carts, British Pie Week has fallen at a perfect time for those in the catering trade.

Starting on the 02nd March and running for seven days, the week long event will give restaurants, cafes, caterers and producers alike the chance to to celebrate and promote pie par excellence.

We’ll be publishing a few articles over the next few days highlighting products and recipes that will ensure you’ll get the most out of the event and the best place to start is at the front of house.

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A very positive January

RestaurantKevin Jenkins, the UK and Ireland Managing Director for Visa Europe, uttered the words that put a smile on the faces of a large proportion of the hospitality and catering sectors where he announced that there was “no evidence of a New Year hangover on overall consumer spending.”

And in further good news, Jenkins also noted that there was a “solid increase in year-on-year spending.”

Data from a number of industries were monitored and once all the information and collated, processed and compared to previous figures, it was the hospitality and catering sectors which reported the strongest increase in spending volumes.

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MicrowaveMicrowave ovens are an important part of any commercial kitchen. Able to perform a variety of functions and extremely user-friendly, these chef-friendly appliances have skyrocketed in popularity over the years.

Did you know that the first microwave oven was released for general not long after the culmination of World War II and was the inadvertent result of research into the field of radar technology?

In 1945, whilst working with an active radar set, he noticed that the resulting microwaves were beginning to melt a chocolate bar he had in his pocket. His clothes may have got covered in chocolate, but his discovery would change the way millions cook. In 1947 the company he worked for, Raytheon, built the Radarange range of microwave ovens.

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Don’t dine on daffodils

DaffodilsYou can tell that Christmas has been consigned to the history books for a couple of months at least after supermarkets and other retailers were urged to keep daffodil bulbs away from areas selling fruit and vegetables.

In a letter to major stores, Public Health England warned that the flowers could be confused for food produce, such as onions, and that inadvertent consumption of the spring perennial was now an “emerging risk”.

Just for the record, we don’t suggest that you sample battered daffodil rings with your next burger or opt for sage and daffodil bread.

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People show support for the dairy industry

MilkNot that long ago we mentioned the news story about falling milk prices and the effect that it has having on dairy farmers. Well, the response has been swift.

Members of Parliament affiliated with the Commons Environment, Food & Rural Affairs Committee called for the remit of an industry watchdog to be widened, to encompass fairy farmers, Fairtrade weighed into the debate.

Speaking on the issue, which has made the national news on numerous occasions, Barbara Crowther, Fairtrade’s Director of Policy and Public Affairs, commented that:

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Boston Cream Pie

Boston Cream PieOnce again Super Bowl Sunday is on the horizon and a number of restaurants and caterers will be taking advantage of this increasingly prevalent slice of Americana on these shores.

With an ever-expanding fan-base in Britain, growing television revenues and a forward-thinking marketing strategy, more and more people are becoming NFL converts.

And, of course, this means many establishments are cashing in on this by offering tailored menus during the showpiece event.

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Guesthouse heads to court to battle anonymous reviewers

keyboardFrom websites like TripAdvisor through the social-media entities such as Facebook and Twitter, customers can leave feedback about a particular dining experience be it good or bad. With the move towards these digital reviews becoming more and more prominent, people have to curate this type of particular content.

For better or for worse, sometimes, stories crop up that highlight the negative aspects of this trend.

According to reports emanating from the newspapers over the weekend the owners of the Tigh na Cheo guesthouse are expected to lodge papers this week in a bid to stop a flurry of adverse reviews about their lodgings that they claim are false and malicious.

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Special offer: Lec Bottle Cooler

Lec Bottle CoolerIf the rigorous festive trading period has left a few noticeable signs of wear and tear on your catering equipment, then, maybe, now is the time to invest in their replacements.

With more and more party goers and families heading out for meals and nights out, it tends to be refrigeration units such as bottle coolers that take a hammering in December. The constant routine of opening and closing doors takes its toll, as does the knocks and scraps that rack up during the course of a busy evening.

At the moment we are pleased to offer the very popular Lec BC6097K Bottle Cooler for the amazing price of £242.00 (ex-vat).

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Foodservice sector set for growth

Dining outThe number of people opting to dine out has increased over the course of the last calendar year and – in great news for all involved in the foodservice industry – that trend is expected to continue over the next twelve months.

“It won’t be a meteoric rise this year, but sales are likely to see steady growth if consumer confidence continues to improve, prompting a rise in average spend,” commented Peter Backman, the managing director of the consultancy agency Horizons.

However despite this optimistic outlook, the figures remain someway short of 2008’s peak and expectations have been tempered somewhat by current global uncertainties, such as the forthcoming general election.

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Milk cheaper than water

MilkOver a thousand farmers will see payments for their milk withheld next week as one of Great Britain’s biggest dairy companies announced that they would be delaying payments for a fortnight because of a substantial drop in prices.

The crash in value has, bizarrely, seen milk become cheaper than water.

The co-operative First Milk has said the last twelve months was a “year of volatility that [we have] never seen before.”

The group, owned by British farmers, also announced that they would be increasing levies on its members, which they believe will put the business on a strong platform ahead of the spring.

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