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Lincat LSC

For a limited period only we are offering some fantastic deals on some of our top selling commercial catering equipment. As you will no doubt have noticed we have a huge range of commercial catering equipment featuring all sorts of items. Within our range we have catering equipment that would suit all types of sites whether it be commercial fryers, commercial fridges, commercial microwaves and much much more. One of our leading brands and also one of the leading suppliers of catering equipment in the UK is Lincat and for this reason we have taken our top five  pieces of Lincat commercial catering equipment and slashed there prices right up until the beginning of December. I hate to mention it but now that many Summer holidays are over and the kids are going back to school soon many of you out there will be beginning to plan for Christmas. We hope that these price reductions may tick some boxes for you and provide the right piece of catering equipment for your needs. The items that we have on offer are as follows:-

Lincat LD4 Heated Merchandiser

Lincat LSC Grill

Lincat DF33 Fryer

Lincat LDF Fryer

Lincat BS4W

We think these items represent some of the most useful and popular pieces of commercial catering equipment that we supply. So unlike other people who do promotions on catering equipment that they don’t normally do well on were hoping to provide you with the pieces of catering equipment that you need, when you need it and at a fantastic price.

In addition to this we still have a huge range of items on long term promotion via our commercial catering equipment special offer brochure. This brochure features all the major brands as well as key products such as stainless steel fabrication, commercial fridge, commercial microwave, serve over counter, commercial fryer and much much more. If you’ve not checked it out yet why not download it via the following link – special offer brochure

So if your in need of a piece of commercial catering equipment check out our web site or special offer brochure and if you cant see what you are looking for let us know and we will source it for you.

Serve Over Counters & Deli Counters

One of the most useful and flexible pieces of equipment on the market today is the serve over counter or deli counter. This refrigerated unit is a fantastic marketing tool and allows sites to easily promote any refrigerated products meaning all sales opportunities are maximised. Your staff may forget to promote your products but when they are all on display right under the customers noses they cant fail to notice your delicious offerings and maybe make that extra purchase that they never intended to. Wether it be drinks or sandwiches or even a combination of the both these units can promote them all. Universally popular in cafes, coffee shops and take aways throughout this land the serve over counter can double up as a section of serving counter when accompanied by other units.

Serve over counters will generally be available in four sizes 1000w, 1500w, 2000w x 3000w subject to your requirements and space on site. One of the most important considerations when purchasing a serve over counter is the depth of the unit. You may have plenty of floor space but you must remember that you have to get it through your doorway. This is the reason why both the Blizzard Shad serve over counters and the Hill Slimline serve over counters are available in slimline versions meaning that they will fit through most standard doorways. As always remember to check your dimensions especially when dealing with large pieces of refrigeration.

To see our entire range of serve over counter click here – Serve Over Counter

So if you are a coffee shop, cafe or take away and are in need of refrigerated display space to maximise all sales opportunities then look no further than our range of refrigerated serve over counters.