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Good news for those who work at Tragus


Tragus is a restaurant group that owns many of the popular mid-market restaurants, such as Café Rouge, Bella Italia and Strada. And for those who have chefs jobs in these eateries, there is good news, thanks to a recent deal between Tragus and O2, which has been reported in the catering industry press.
What’s the story? Apparently O2 have made an announcement that they have plans to offer free wi-fi to those who work in the company establishments. It does not matter, according to these reports, whether these employees are already loyal O2 customers or not – they can still get online when at work without charge. It is said that this new service will be phased into place, starting with more than 120 of the company’s largest restaurants.

Why is this move being made by the telecommunications giant? The news reports have quoted Gavin Franks, MD of O2 Wi-Fi, as saying that they have an aim of ‘changing the public wi-fi landscape” within the next 36 months. From Tragus’ perspective, they hope that customers’ experience in their restaurants will be improved, according to other reports.

Tragus prides itself on having over 295 sites nationwide and delivering more than 21 million meals on an annual basis. They are a forward-looking dynamic company, which has also been in the press recently, after making known their intention to open an eating establishment in Terminal 3 at Heathrow Airport. It seems that the company has many plans for the future.