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New food guidelines for schools

jamie oliver

Concerns have been raised in many quarters about the growing worries we have about obesity in the young generation. This has led to celebrity chefs, such as Jamie Oliver, promoting national campaigns to try to help to improve the food that our school children are eating.

One recent report sparked alarm when it concluded that many pre-school children were consuming foods which were more appropriate for adults. As a result, the School Food Trust has now issued some guidelines to try to help matters. These new guidelines are not mandatory and are targeting particularly children under the age of five years. However, parents and service providers in the childcare sector had asked for help and guidance on the topic, so hopefully it will be well received.

Many of the nation’s children of this age are in some sort of day care and it is these service-providers who should make themselves aware of the guidelines. Typical categories of workers in this intended audience include child-minders, those who work in nurseries and so on. The guidelines cover various issues such as the food types that are appropriate for the young children in their care. They also offer advice on the size of portions which these children should be eating. In addition, sample menus and recipes are also suggested.

For those carers who are faced with fussy eaters, there are also guidelines which may help. In addition, there are suggestions on how to involve children with food preparation, so that they come to appreciate and enjoy their food in a different way.