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Bonzer create a wide range of quality essential catering industry accessories. These include can openers, heat protection gloves, corkscrews, aprons and much more.

If you need to do food and drink preparation, then you can benefit by upgrading your essential items to quality Bonzer equipment.

They've designed and manufactured catering equipment in the UK for over 80 years. The current range includes their well known Can Opener which most chefs will have used during their career.

If you need any spares, parts or accessories then we can provide those too.

Portion control is another area where Bonzer has innovated and created a range of problem solving products. They were the first to specialise in improving their durability, hygiene and ergonomics.

They are also well known for their cup and lid dispensers and cocktail equipment made from high quality stainless steel. This makes them ideal for any bar.

We offer various products from their diverse offering. This includes Aprons, Bottles, Brackets, Stands, Dispensers, Coffee Tampers, Measures, Pourers and more.

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