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GreasePak Dosing Systems

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GreasePak Dosing Systems

GreasePak Dosing systems combine the accessibility of a mounted grease water treatment and a powerful formula that is unique to the company for the purposes of reducing the grease and fats within your water drainage system.

Easy to install and even easier to maintain, the GreasePak system ensures that your drainage system is unharmed by the build up of fats and grease, by using a specialist bio-enzymatic fluid to break up even stubborn fats, oils and grease often found in commercial kitchen drains.

As with many commonly found issues prevention is much cheaper than the cure - which in this case could render your kitchen out of action should you not have the right solution - so to help your commercial premises we've slashed the price of our GreasePak dosage systems and fluid refills from 1st February 2018 until the 31st March 2018.

If you were thinking 'why do I need a drainage treatment option?' Well, government regulation stipulates that you must treat water that has the potential to collect oils and grease before it enters the public drainage system, so it's an integral addition to your commercial premises.

With our offers on these superb and convenient units, your pipes and drainage systems will feel the benefit of GreasePak's intelligent solutions.

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