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The Burco name has a long and illustrious association with the commercial catering sector with the Burco brand being widely known by dealers and customers alike for offering high quality, British made products at an exceptional price point.

Founded in 1895 by W.H. Dean, Burco originally was set up to help satisfy the increased prevalence of gas water-heating at the turn of the century.

The company really sprung to prominence in the 1950s after forging a path into the electrical product market shortly after the end of WW2, where the company merged with Burnley Components (Bur-Co), thus Burco Dean was born.

Increasing in both output and popularity, one of the most prominent products became the Baby Burco Wash Boiler since these early days the Merseyside-based business has consistently gone from strength to strength.

Champions of Britain

Burco are champions of water boiling, with a long history of innovation, value for money and quality built British boiling units that it still elicits today.

With an eye and investment in helping the commercial sector, Burco has refined their comprehensive water boiler range to provide exceptional solutions for all manner of premises large or small, indoors or out, whilst constantly redefining their lineups.

Not content with just offering some of the most well-known and commonly-used water boiling equipment, the Merseyside-based brand have expanded to help those serving food with toasters, range cookers, countertop grills and much more all available with the Burco brand.

Cost effective, the vast majority of Burco’s UK-manufactured catering equipment is supplied with a multi-year warranty so you can rest assured that you are not only buying an extremely competitively priced model, but you're buying one that’s built to last as well.

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