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Commercial Microwave Ovens

Commercial Microwave Ovens

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Commercial Microwave Ovens

Contrary to popular opinion, the microwave is a versatile and useful piece of kitchen equipment. Commercial microwaves are capable of providing exceptional cooking utility for a commercial kitchen.

Defrost frozen food faster, streamlining the food preparation process. Reheat food safely with simple cooking functions and reheating capabilities.

A standard unit offers power above that of regular home cooking equipment. They are an excellent compliment to a kitchen cooking arsenal.

Combination microwave ovens offer greater cooking flexibility than a traditional microwave. They combine the power and energy with a grill and convection heating (fanned hot air). Roast, crisp and brown in the same way as a traditional convection oven.

Stretch the boundaries of cooking, and expand beyond reheating food and defrosting. A combi microwave oven can even replace some larger ovens in certain situations.

All the units we stock come with a series of programmes to prepare all manner of dishes. With the added flexibility of a combination microwave, you can bake cakes, grill meat and more. They are the future of the commercial kitchen.

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