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Water Baths

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Water Baths

Waterbaths allow for foods to be cooked at a lower temperature for extended time periods which it turns reduces waste and shrinkage. Not only can you get the most out of your cuts of meat by utilising a waterbath, but you can also utilise the vacuum pacing process which means that you will prepare and cook exactly what you need; no more and no less.

A water bath or sous vide is an excellent addition to a commercial kitchen, providing the ability to retain a foods full flavour, texture and tenderness without compromising on cooking time and consistency.

Full temperature control to the exact decimal, many of our water baths and immersion circulators are exceptional options for cooking many vacuum packed foods including meat, fish and shellfish.

Create much more succulent dishes not possible when cooking via pan frying or searing. We only supply the finest machines from manufacturers such as Clifton and Roller Grill.

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