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Unlike a hand mixer, these mixing machines have been designed to handle a much higher work-load and offer a number of different methods of usage.

We offer a wide range of dynamic, counter-top and planetary mixering machines from leading brands such as Kitchenaid, Sammic, Electrolux, Buffalo and more.

Our unique planetary mixers, ensure all areas of the bowl are covered, with our specialist dough-mixers and heavy-duty options catering to all caterers and establishments such as pizzerias, bakers and restaurants.

We are confident that you will find a commercial mixer that is perfect for your business.

Planetary Mixers

This type of mixer gets its name from the way it works - the attachment or "agitator" rotates around the mixing bowl in a circular or elliptical way. You essentially have 2 forms of movement happening at the same time inside the bowl, the attachment (such as a whisk, beater or dough hook) is spinning in one axis, and this is being rotated around the bowl as well. The bowl itself stays stationary.

The various types of mixing attachments that can be fitted allow Planetary mixers to mix a variety of ingredients and mixtures. They can easily Stir, Blend and Aerate many different types of solids, powders and liquids.

Great for mixing bread and pizza dough, cookie and biscuit dough, cake mixture, batter, whipped cream and more.

Spiral Mixers

A commercial spiral mixer is used to mix dough effectively. It does this by rotating the bowl, as well as the spiral dough agitator. The special spiral agitator reduces the temperature of the dough to allow the required rising and kneading.

They are ideally suited to mixing dough at high volumes, such as for the needs of bakeries, caterers and pizza restaurants.

Whatever your mixing requirements are, we have a product that will work for you; making your daily mixing tasks easier and more efficient - with better results. If you are unsure on which type of mixer you need, or for anything else - please get in touch with the CS Catering team on 01977 687 665

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