Bottle Coolers & Beer Fridges

Bottle Coolers & Beer Fridges

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  1. Blizzard BAR1 Single Door Bottle Cooler
    Single door bottle cooler ideal for pubs, bars and general display.

    List: £788.40 Save: 34%
    List: £657.00 Save: 34%
    As low as £514.18 £428.48

  2. Blizzard LOWBAR1 Low Bar Single Door Back Bar Bottle Cooler
    Blizzard Beer Fridge and Bottle Cooler
    List: £829.20 Save: 34%
    List: £691.00 Save: 34%
    £540.78 £450.65
  3. Blizzard BAR2 Double Door Bottle Cooler
    Double door bottle cooler, ideal for pubs, bars and general display.

    List: £1,081.20 Save: 34%
    List: £901.00 Save: 34%
    As low as £705.13 £587.61

  4. Blizzard BAR10SS Stainless Steel Bar Bottle Cooler
    324 Bottle Capacity
    List: £1,922.40 Save: 34%
    List: £1,602.00 Save: 34%
    £1,253.74 £1,044.78
  5. Blizzard BAR20SS Stainless Steel Bar Bottle Cooler
    492 Bottle Capacity
    List: £2,446.80 Save: 34%
    List: £2,039.00 Save: 34%
    £1,595.74 £1,329.78

5 Items

Bottle Coolers & Beer Fridges

A beer fridge or bottle cooler is designed to not only keep your drinks and bottles cold and ready to serve. They are also used as a display unit, to entice customers for promotional purposes.

Designed for front of house use. The combination of cooled storage and display appeal make them a popular option.

A bottle cooler is essential in almost any bar, pub, nightclub or location serving alcohol. They are also a great way to increase the visibility of your drink menu. Open the bottle cooler door and grab an ice cold drink for your customers quickly and easily.

Product Features

Size and shape can vary, with specific bottle coolers designed for certain usage. Door style, finish and lighting varies to help you find a model that suits your specific needs.

Sliding and hinged door beer fridges or bottle coolers are available as a single door, double door and triple door option. This ensures ample storage space for all types of drink, from beer to soft drinks, wine to champagne.

Upright, chest bottle coolers and beer fridges are also available. Choose which type of fridge or cooler suits you and your business best, if you're unsure, we can help.

Most bottle coolers have an adjustable temperature range. This allows you to get your drinks at the optimal temperature.

Beer Fridge

Beer fridges are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and finishes to suit your business. Various options are available, such as single door versions for small bars and pubs. Larger capacity upright bottle coolers, bottle wells and larger under counter units.

Single, double and triple door units are available, too. Allowing you to tailor your equipment to your storage and accessibility needs.

Put your range of drinks on display, increasing your sales potential and storage at the same time.

Extra Features

Many models come with extra internal lighting features - show off your prize stock! Some even feature self closing doors to assist during service, with security locks.

We stock options from the likes of commercial manufacturers such as Gamko, Husky, Polar and LEC. All of our drinks cooler products are built and crafted to withstand high usage and represent incredible value for money.

If you are unsure which glass cooler or beer fridge is right for your business then please call our team on 01977 687 665.