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Correct refrigeration and freezing of produce is an integral part of any catering set-up, allowing you to keep both food and drink fresh, safe for usage and of course increasing shelf-life of fresh produce.

A commercial refrigerator or freezer option is a big investment, with a cold storage option being of the utmost importance to the running of any busy working kitchen.

Therefore we stock a range of practical and even bespoke options to help you achieve your business dreams, with every type of refrigerated equipment you could possibly need.

Blast Chillers

Powerful and convenient, a blast chiller unit allows professional caterers a method of quick and safe method of cooling food for chilled or freezer storage.

Health and safety regulations dictate that certain standards are adhered to within the foodservice industry, with blast chillers meeting legal requirements for how food is chilled to the right temperature before storage.

Excellent for helping streamline processes by allowing kitchen staff to separate preparation and cooking tasks from the service procedure, meaning a more efficient and safe kitchen.

Bottle cooler & beer fridges

Key components in many foodservice and drink service businesses, the addition of quality bottle cooler and beer fridges is considered an essential to many.

Providing convenient access to both serving staff and visual enticement to customers, a glass door fridge such as this can be a great way for customers to visualise your drinks menu.

Coming in a range of sizes, shapes and form factors our range of commercial beer fridges or bottle coolers are available in options to suit your particular business demands.

Bottle wells

Unlike a beer fridge or bottle cooler, a bottle well is designed simply for quick, convenient access to quality chilled storage.

Mainly used in venues that have a streamlined drinks menu, such as nightclubs, theatres and sporting arenas, these units offer large capacity cold storage for high volume bottle sales.

Ideal for back bar usage, if you require a simple but incredibly reliable and efficient beer and bottle storage unit, then a bottle well could be a true professional option.

Chest freezers

Commonplace in a vast number of businesses, the commercial chest freezer is a common tool used by the foodservice and catering industry for large bulk storage of any and all food types.

Despite being similar in appearance to home versions, a commercial chest freezer provides options for much larger storage capacities and even display versions for increased sales.

From simple chest freezers to display chest freezers, we have solutions to meet any expectations, desires, styles and requirements.

Cold rooms

Synonymous with the food industry (and Rocky), the cold room or coldroom provides a walk-in cold storage solution that is tailored directly to the professional caterer or food producer.

Unlike a standard fridge or freezer, a cold room provides a much larger volume of chilled storage, making these an incredibly cost-effective storage option for large restaurants, canteens and food businesses that require large produce reserves.

We can provide a range of cold room solutions to suit all types of business, with truly bespoke options available for areas that require a finely tuned set of cold storage options.

Countertop refrigeration

Providing ready access to chilled goods is made easy with our extensive range of countertop refrigerator models from some of the world's most renowned brands.

Ideal for areas where floor space is limited, but ready access to a refrigerator is required, a countertop fridge fits the bill for many smaller establishments looking for quality cold storage units.

Popularised within the hotel industry, the countertop refrigerator can be found in many of the world's hotel and guestrooms as a powerful passive sales aid.

Fridge & freezer counters

Dual purpose, flexible and powerful within a food preparation area, commercial fridge and freezer counters are a cornerstone of many foodservice businesses due to the sheer efficiency benefits.

Combining both cold and frozen storage with a food preparation surface, a fridge or freezer counter combine storage space and worktop space in kitchens that want to maximise both prep areas without sacrificing important cold storage access.

Modular and powerful, whilst increasing the efficiency of your kitchen areas, these units are ideal for many caterers looking to enhance their production output capabilities.

Glass door fridges & freezers

Allow your produce and food products to sell themselves with our range of professional glass door fridges and freezers that provide exceptional cold storage, with a platform for additional sales.

Providing ready visible access to you cold produce, our range of glass door fridges come in a number of shapes and sizes for usage in back bar areas or even direct customer areas within mini-markets or convenience stores.

Ideal for caterers that are looking to put their drink and chilled food menu right in front of customer's eyes, our wide selection of glass door fridge and freezers can transform your sales process.

Glass frosters

Provide cold drinks without having melting ice ruin the drinking experience with the help of our range of professional glass frosting solutions.

Commercial glass frosters cool the drinking glass, which means no need for ice cubes and no loss of quality in your cocktails and cold drinks.

Popular in high-end bars and restaurants, glass frosters are ideal for perfect champagne, cocktails and alcoholic beverages of any kind.

Ice cream machines

Ideal for front of house usage or as a direct sales aid, ice cream machines are, of course, popular during the hottest periods of the year - that's not to say people aren't fans of ice cream all year round!

Ice cream machines are available in a range of shapes and sizes to suit establishments of any size, scope and serving eventuality.

Self-serve chest freezers are ideal for ice lollies and pre-packaged ice creams, whilst display freezers work as a sales unit, allowing staff to scoop and serve as per customer orders.

Island site freezers

Helping you to increase the visibility of your frozen produce, island site freezers are ideal for creating large runs that showcase the very best of your frozen foods.

Commonly found in mini-markets, supermarkets and convenience stores, these versatile and powerful freezer units allow customers and staff direct access whilst

Easy access and incredible display opportunities, coupled with quality frozen storage make these an essential for many food service operations.

Medical line refrigeration

Medical professionals require access to incredibly precise temperature regulated fridge units, as prescription medicines and samples must be stored under optimum conditions.

We understand that the profession requires accurate and precise cooling units, and so offer a range from refrigeration industry experts, Lec.

Purposefully designed for medicinal usage, doctors, nurse and medical staff can be sure that our range of non-standard fridge units are up to NHS legal standards.


Coming with a range of capabilities, display options, sizes, styles and capacities, professional merchandisers are undoubtedly one of the most often used products within the catering industry.

Used in a vast array of varying food business types, we have a fully curated selection of units from bespoke options through to truly niche usage such as sushi display cases and fish cabinets.

Useful for simple restaurant and cafe products such as cakes and desserts, the limits are only bound by the cold produce you are seeking to offer.


Iconic within the hotel industry as an additional comfort item for the weary traveller or guest look to revel without dealing directly with hotel staff, the minibar is an essential within hotel rooms of any size or scope.

Passively offering a range of soft drinks, alcohol and snacks, a minibar could be the perfect addition to many hotels, meeting room and guesthouses looking for an additional revenue stream with little effort required.

Not just limited to usage within hotel and meeting rooms, these incredibly compact units are ideal for establishments that lack the space for even a medium-sized refrigerator.

Multideck display

Working as a presentation and sales aide, multideck display units allow for multiple item types to be stored in order and together in a one-stop shop unit.

Commonly used within supermarkets and the snack food industry, these versatile units – when placed well – can help entice customers and help them make an impulse purchase.

Without a door, a multideck display provides easy access without frustrating door latches meaning customers are more inclined to pick up items stored within.

Prep counters

Dedicated chilled storage and food preparation space in one convenient unit, there is no wonder that many fast food outlets and more utilise the convenience of chilled prep counters.

Compatible with a wide range of other kitchen equipment, prep counters are ideal for busy kitchens that want to ensure all work with chilled produce remains both efficient and safe.

With a number of upgradable options and specific options for salad bars, pizza shop counters and more, these excellent units are ideal for many professional kitchens.

Refrigerated wall cabinets

Keep your fridge storage out of the way but still within reach with the addition of refrigerated wall cabinets, you can regain floor space without sacrificing the level of refrigerated storage available within your kitchen areas.

Secure and safe, there are a number of options for usage in varying kitchen sizes, shapes and scopes, whilst still providing the same experience no matter the option chosen.

Refrigerated wall cabinets can be ideally placed to streamline the cooking procedure, perfect for quick service kitchens and fast food restaurants where time is money.

Serve over counters

Combining both customer serving potential and refrigerated storage in one simple unit, serve over counters provide a wide array of foodservice businesses with a reliable and recognisable tool for food serving excellence.

Give fresh food a platform to sell itself with a unit that provides a superb customer and serving experience without compromising on your business vision.

Designs range from simple glass multideck units to intricate serving platforms, ideal for usage within many areas of the fast food and service industry.

Tabletop prep units

Providing direct access to the ingredients your kitchen staff need, tabletop prep units are ideal for fast food locations looking for robust and efficient ways to improve both food storage, and food service speed.

Front-of-house usage is encouraged, as the theatre of food preparation can help encourage customer sales by allowing you food prep to be completely transparent, building trust and giving the customer a distinct sense of control.

Full of unique features for varying food preparation tasks, these tabletop prep units could help transform your kitchen-customer dynamic in an instant.

Under counter fridges & freezers

Designed for smaller kitchens and serving areas where counter space reduces the accessibility to larger and more bulk oriented chilled and frozen storage.

Under counter fridges and freezers are therefore sought after by being versatile, robust and convenient for kitchen and serving staff alike.

Providing the exact same quality and consistency found in larger, bulkier models, our superb range of under counter fridges and freezers are ideal for any and every professional catering establishment.

Upright freezers

Providing easy bulk storage and access to frozen food, the commercial upright freezer has become a common appliance found in commercial premises.

Sometimes referred to as cabinet freezers, the form factor allows for placement in areas where floor space is limited, but vertical space is less restricted, providing an exceptional alternative to the chest freezer unit.

Available in a number of configurations, sizes and shapes, we do our utmost to offer one of the most comprehensive selections of upright freezers to the foodservice industry.

Upright fridges

Very much like upright freezers, the commercial upright fridge provides kitchens and food preparation environments with ready and convenient access to quality chilled storage at all times.

Found in almost every single kitchen across the UK, the upright fridge is a versatile bulk storage unit that many professional kitchens rely on as the main chilled storage option within their premises.

Ideal for quick, efficient access to almost all fresh produce, our range offers an extensive selection to suit foodservice professionals of all sizes, scopes and budgets.

Wine Coolers

Designed to keep your expensive and delicate wine and champagne cool and stress-free, the commercial wine cooler provides the framework for an amazing drinking and dining experience for your guests.

Acting as both a promotional and storage unit, the wine cooler (or wine chiller) deserves prominent placement in your front-of-house areas, and come in a range of stylish designs and finishes to suit any establishment.

Practical and reliable, these units are ideal for businesses seeking to improve their wine storage options.

Our incredibly broad refrigeration range should cover just about every single item you could ever need, including the need for dedicated cold rooms and walk-in bulk storage.

But we do understand that not all foodservice businesses are the exact same, and so we strive to offer one of the largest ranges of refrigeration equipment on the market if you are unable to find something on our online catalogue, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We'll strive to get you exactly what you're looking for.

To speak to a dedicated and friendly member of our team about a specific product or service, then please call 01977 687 665.