Sink Taps

Sink Taps

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  1. Cheftec CFT1170002 Lever Action 1/2" Basin Taps
    Compatible with Cheftec Handwash Basin CFT1170001
    List: £45.00 Save: 35%
    £34.80 £29.00
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  2. Cheftec Lever Action 1/2" Sink Taps
    Sold In Pairs
    List: £58.00 Save: 41%
    £40.80 £34.00
    Out of stock
  3. Cheftec CFT1170001 Stainless Steel Hand Wash Basin
    Basin Only (no taps)
    £66.00 £55.00
    Out of stock
  4. Cheftec CFT1170003 Stainless Steel Hand Wash Basin with Lever Action Taps
    Supplied with lever action taps (pair)
    List: £125.00 Save: 37%
    £93.06 £77.55
    Out of stock

4 Items

Sink Taps

Sink taps are designed for a wide range of usage, and our divine selection provide a stylish and practical option for providing access to both hot and cold water, be that within your commercial kitchen or washroom facilities on your site.

Not only practical, every single on of our sink taps are made from high-quality components to withstand high levels of usage, whilst remaining easy to use and easy to clean.

Available in domehead, lever and crosshead operation options, we are sure that there is a tap truly suited to your business.

Delabie Taps

Made in France to the highest standards, it's no wonder that Delabie sinks are seen as one of the choices for professional catering businesses that want access to exceptional sanitary ware.

Such is the dedication to the professional, Delabie even offer 10-year warranty terms on many sinks, allowing you to worry about what style you choose rather than 'will it last?'

From pull lever to standard twist taps, everything produced by Delabie is manufactured to the highest standards.

Using high-quality components and stainless steel as the basis for their taps and basins, these can withstand the high usage environments and the day-to-day rigours of your commercial premises.

Not content with just offering hard-wearing and long-life units, Delabie's classic and contemporary designs make for excellent options in a range of locations.

Simple design choices help make using specific taps much easier, with industry-specific taps providing professionals with water without hindering and considering even the most simple of issues.

Pedal, sensor and standard twist and push operable taps provide you with the means to simply get on with your everyday tasks without hindering or inhibiting.

To enquire or learn more about our range of Delabie sinks and washroom solutions then please call 01977 687 665 to speak to a member of our team.