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Formed in 1977 as a warewashing business, Classeq has become one of the UK's leading manufacturers of quality glass and dishwashing equipment.

The UK-based brand are renowned for creating high quality, aesthetically pleasing and powerful commercial dish, glass and utensil washers, whilst also manufacturing a range of exceptional ice machines.

Focussing on the catering and hospitality industry, the company provides equipment by professionals for professionals.

Efficient but incredibly powerful, Classeq's entire range never compromises on quality, whilst also managing to be incredibly user-friendly and capable of withstanding the high-usage scenarios faced by commercial catering enterprises.

Renowned for their popular Duo, Eco, Hydro and Ice lines, your kitchen could benefit from the addition of a Classeq manufactured cleaning option almost instantly.

To speak to a member of our team about a specific Classeq product, part or spare, then please call 01977 687 580.

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