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Crem International

Crem International

Crem International have a rich history with all things coffee, having emerged from Spain in the 1960s with Rafael Olaso Perio, who after years selling and developing espresso machines for the hotel and restaurant market formed Crem Aparatos Cafexpres in 1993.

The company would undergo extensive growth throughout the decade before eventually merging with Swedish company, Coffee Queen to form Crem International.

With the combined international profile of Coffee Queen and Crem Aparatos Cafexpres, Crem International has a distinct focus on providing the finest quality espresso coffee machines for the catering and hospitality industries.

In the UK, Crem International focusses on their flagship brand – Expobar.

Expobar coffee machines are crafted for baristas, by baristas, to enable the finest espresso to be produced time after time.

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