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Formed in France, Delabie have a rich history of creating some of the highest-end sanitary ware, which includes taps, basins, bowls and draining units for usage in both homes and the commercial work environment.

Initially formed in 1928 by Georges Delabie in Paris, the company quickly grew as the reputation for creating quality, hard-wearing and most importantly attractive units steadily proceeded the French company.

A dedication to offering quality sees the company invest heavily into research and development, which has enabled Delabie to remain relevant for over 90 years.

From humble beginnings to one of the largest and most trusted options for bathrooms, washrooms and kitchens, the wealth of choice, quality components and showstopping design make Delabie one of the forerunners within the sanitary ware market.

To see our entire range, or to learn more about how your commercial premises can benefit from the addition of a professional option from Delabie, please call 01977 687 580 to get started.

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