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Duracell batteries provide unrivaled battery life for a wide range of consumer and professional devices such as smoke alarms, camera systems, remote controls and much more.

A brand known worldwide, Duracell are the most trusted and most used battery brand on the planet, and it's no wonder. Over 75 years of developing, innovating and inventing brand new battery technologies has seen the company become one of the most instantly recognisable and trustworthy.

Initially trading under the Mallory brand name, the alkaline batteries produced by the company in the early 1960s were specifically designed and produced for Kodak handheld camera systems.

Useful for a wide range of professional devices, Duracell batteries are iconic in design and application. Used just about anywhere there is a need for small, lightweight and long-lasting batteries.

Don't trust anyone but the number one alkaline battery brand on the planet to power your professional gadgets, gizmos and safety devices. Trust Duracell.

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