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Excalibur Dehydrators have been America's dehydrating standard for over 40 years, initially forming in Sacramento, California in 1973, the company provide some of finest food dehydration units on the market.

Designed to dry fruits, vegetables, herbs and meats, a food dehydrator is capable of making all kinds of products including jerky, granola and even yoghurt.

Not limited to simply food usage, a dehydrator can provide you with a way to improve food display for buffets, table service and much more, drying flowers that will last longer and provide a unique look.

Simple to use and with a multitude of options for small to medium sized businesses and even larger scale dehydrators for when you require a large number of dried foods.

Capable of being left unattended, an Excalibur unit can be left to run overnight, whilst also being economical when in operation. Perfect for busy kitchen environments where constant supervision is not a viable option or even possible.

Make incredible snack foods, fruits and vegetables that your guests and customers will love, invest in an Excalibur food dehydrator today.

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