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Fasana are one of the oldest and most trusted napkin manufacturers in Europe, designing and creating quality napkins and paper towel products for over 50 years.

Formed in Finland, Fasana have built a reputation for excellence, quality, consistency and of course choice. Design inspiration comes from current and emerging market trends, meaning that Fasana products are always suited to the current style in any time period.

Remaining at the very forefront of the napkin market for over half a century, Fasana create a further range of paper disposables in a wide variety of colours, from clean creams, white, red and blie to more intricate designs suitable for high end restaurants, cafes, bar, clubs, outdoor caterers and many more.

Continually researching, developing and innovating, Fasana include a range of products that are created with the expressed aim of improving the dining experience.

With a reputation for quality, superb designs and sustainable pedigree, Fasana napkins are ideal for any table setting.

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