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Based in Poland, IGLOO are one of the fastest expanding commercial refrigeration manufacturers in Europe. Innovating in all aspects of the chilled storage industry, and introducing a whole host of quality, incredibly designed products to the foodservice and hospitality industries.

Now recognised as a leader in technological innovation, Igloo are known for their dedication to providing chilled solutions that genuinely enhance your serving and display requirements.

Specialising in serve over counters, Igloo's expertise in both display products and refrigerated storage ensures that they are one of the finest additions to a wide range of food service industry related businesses.

By providing truly tailored solutions, IGLOO can enhance all aspects of your serving procedure, whilst increasing the amount of quality chilled or refrigerated storage within your premises.

Ergonomically designed, ecologically sound and with exceptional visual appeal, if you are thinking of updating, refreshing or revamping your serving procedure and serving areas, then IGLOO should be the brand you are searching for.

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