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Julabo provides a whole host of products and services centred around temperature control, with an array of cooking appliances and cooking equipment that is ideal for many professional kitchens and catering businesses.

Masters of temperature management equipment it should come as no surprise that Julabo have a solid line of Sous Vide equipment and water baths for usage in the commercial kitchen sector.

Ideal for the creation of succulent meats, fish and vegetables these cooking tools are unlike many other pieces of kitchen equipment due to the water bath method of heating and preparation of dishes.

Technological advancements are at the forefront of Julabo's business model and that can be seen in their entire product line, with attention paid to whether specific additions will actually enhance both the end-user experience and the cooking process.

Based in Germany, typical German engineering excellence is the norm for this 50-year old brand, with attention paid to redfining what customers come to expect with every product they launch.

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