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Cheese Knives

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Cheese Knives

Cheese can be a business in its own right, with cheese shops and delicatessens cropping up all over the United Kingdom it's still at home on the after-dinner plates of cheese boards around the globe.

Requiring care and attention, a dedicated selection of cheese knives or a solitary cheese knife will help you improve the entire experience for both kitchen staff and your diners and guests.

Different cheeses will require different knives, the type of knife is primarily decided according to the hardness of the dairy product; more often than not a 'cheese knife' refers to a knife designed specifically for soft cheeses.

Due to the nature of soft cheese, a sharp knife will be required, but as these softer cheeses are often much more sticky than the harder produce a cheese knife will sometimes be serrated and include holes to prevent this sticking.

Soft cheese knives are much better designed to deal with the stickiness of cheeses, allowing you to present them in a much more attractive manner, providing crisper and cleaner cuts and lines as a result.

The very nature of the design means that a soft cheese knife can be used for other sticky foods such as cakes, eggs and pies.

Harder cheeses will require a cleaver resembling design that includes a flat blade for perfectly straight edges and cutting power if you are seeking to cut large wheels of cheese for individual portion sizes, then a double handled cheese knife might be the ideal tool for the task.

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