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Lincat Catering Equipment

Lincat Catering Equipment

Lincat Catering Equipment have established themselves as one of the world leaders in professional catering equipment, with the company using over 40 years of industry experience to create some of the most popular equipment available on the market.

Having established themselves as providers of full catering solutions for the true professional kitchen, Lincat products have found their way into almost every single area of the foodservice industry.

Almost entirely UK-based, the manufacturer was established during the early-1970s, with the firm expanding their Lincolnshire headquarters to cope with the increased demand for their products and units.

Well respected and with a range that now extends to over 500 key products and constantly expanding, the company helps you provide exceptional food and drinks no matter what sector of the hospitality industry you target.

In 1983, they expanded their efforts and developed the 'Lynx' range of countertop electrical equipment. A year later, they released a further range of equipment, this time under the 'Silverlink' moniker that had been developed for use in larger, busier kitchens.

Over the years, Lincat has helped innovate and shake up the entire market. The introduction of their FilterFlow system has garnered numerous design and innovation awards since being unveiled, and now represents one of the first choices for those seeking exceptional water boiling equipment.

Lincat's vast range sees them manufactures all manner of products aimed directly at catering professionals, including combination ovens, ventilation canopies, hot cupboards, merchandisers and various items of preparatory and cooking equipment.

Almost all Lincat catering equipment comes complete with a two-year parts and labour warranty and being UK-based can be delivered to your site within three working days of the order being placed*.

If you would like further information on Lincat products or require Lincat spare parts or spare accessories, then please contact a member of our team.

Lincat Ranges

The entire Lincat range includes all manner of common and widely used units and components, but Lincat's premium Opus, medium duty Silverlink 600 or budget Lynx 400 ranges prove incredibly popular for a wide range of businesses.


The Lincat Opus range comprises of a number of heavy-duty, prime items of catering equipment designed specifically for high usage working environments where long-lasting purchases are required.

Built from the highest quality components available, these items are known for their exceptional performance, reliability and efficiency.

Configurable in a number of ways, the entire Lincat Opus 800 range is perfect for high volume catering businesses.


Designed for medium-duty usage, Lincat's Silverlink 600 range is a modular collection of both freestanding and countertop appliances, that feature all the hallmarks of the Lincolnshire manufacturer.

All units have been purposefully crafted for usage in medium to high usage catering environments, and feature a whole host of power, space and cost savings when compared to other brands on the market.

Thanks to this modular approach, kitchens can make use of Lincat Silverlink products to create their own bespoke concepts, enhancing both workflow, kitchen layout and efficiency during sustained busy periods.


Simply plug in and start cooking with the light duty Lincat’s Lynx 400 range, perfect for areas where cooking output is relatively low, but standards must remain incredibly high.

These appliances are incredibly convenient, providing you with electric powered countertop models that operate at a power-sipping 3kW or less.

Perfect for kitchens that are short on space or are working on a tight budget, the Lynx 400 range is an ideal entry-level option.

Lincat’s Facilities

The entire Lincat brand operates from a 100,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in Lincoln, England.

Over the years, the respected UK company has invested both revenue and resources into this site, transforming it into one of the most modern and cutting-edge production and assembly plants in the catering industry.

As well as having a state of the art computer aided design system and some of the latest manufacturing equipment available, Lincat also has its own in-house chef to ensure that the demands of catering professionals are always considered.

This ethos ensures that you can rely on any item of Lincat-branded catering equipment to offer performances, longevity, quality and value.

Such is its reputation; continental brands such as Q90 and FriFri have relocated to make use of Lincat’s HQ.

*Some warranty periods and estimated delivery times may vary.

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