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Merrychef have been providing culinary expertise and experience for over 60 years, creating truly pioneering, innovative and award-winning technology for usage in commercial kitchens and the food industry since inception.

Since 1950 Merrychef have truly revolutionised some of the most common pieces of kitchen equipment found in catering establishments, changing the commercial microwave from a handy reheating tool into an all-purpose cooking unit capable of creating culinary art.

The companies core principle is to put a smile on the face of customers, and so they go the extra mile to improve the processes that we rely on every single day. From speeding up the cooking or reheating process, or improving the form factor and finish to make using Merrychef equipment all the more rewarding. The company takes this to the next level.

Providing state-of-the-art products that are powerful but incredibly easy-to-use, the company now has units in every type of location from small coffee shops to global chains, from fast food to fine dining, Merrychef has become the first choice for high speed ovens: delivering fresh, hot food on demand.

Flagship models fuse form factor and power into a complete package, with their latest model, the eikon e2s being a prime example of the excellence that Merrychef are renowned for.

If you are looking for fresh ideas, fast cooking and flexible ovens. Then you need Merrychef.

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