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Parry Catering Equipment

Parry Catering Equipment

Parry Catering Equipment pride themselves on a 'built for purpose' mantra that can be found in every single facet of their catering lineup.

One of the leaders in British engineering and championing all things British, this strategy has seen them become a market leader around Europe.

Constantly asking the question: 'What niggles will make kitchen or clinical staff frustrated with their current solution?' has seen Parry introduce innovative solutions to common everyday problems.

Now with a burgeoning product line that includes over 600 products, Parry understands that the end-user often needs a bit more dialled in control over their catering equipment, and so this line comes in over 3,500 variants for a truly bespoke solution.

Decades of experience is utilised to design, test and craft products and equipment that professionals both want and need, Parry's Derbyshire-based R&D team understand the unique processes that professional kitchens follow.

With an aim of becoming the 'on-stop shop' for all the common (and uncommon) catering equipment, from specialist to generic, Parry are a true leader in professional solutions to commercial catering problems.

From their current selection you'll find fryers, chilled merchandisers, gas and electric griddles, heated sinks and shelving, water boilers and much more.

With over 85% of the Parry catalogue available for dispatch within 24 hours: you can be sure that if you choose Parry, you choose quick problem solving, delivery and installation.

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