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Robot Coupe

Robot Coupe

Robot Coupe originated in the heart of Burgundy and their company lineage can be traced back to Pierre Verdun, the man who made one of the first food processors in France.

That expertise and prestige have only grown in the five decades since that initial innovation, with the company steadily becoming one of the most trusted and well-known manufacturers of food preparation equipment.

From their signature food processors through to innovative blixers, vegetable preparation machines, stick blenders and even into high output cooking equipment, Robot Coupe clearly understand the modern commercial kitchen.

Robot Coupe have slowly added more complementary products to their selection, with key processes being so well linked, the French manufacturer not only understand the procedures many chefs follow but are can be trusted to provide the ultimate solution.

With more than five decades worth of experience since that initial innovation, Robot-Coupe provides blixers, vegetable preparation machines, stick blenders and many other items, as well as their signature food processors, that are all designed with the commercial kitchen in mind.

Whatever your preparation needs Robot Coupe are sure to have the machine for you.

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