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Synonymous with signing and sketching the Sharpie is a cultural icon in it's own right, but the pen is also the preferred writing tool for the hospitality industry due to it's flexibility durability and accuracy.

Long-lasting and available in a whole host of colours, Sharpie pens and markers allow you to easily write on a multitude of surfaces with ease.

Need to label food? These permanent markers provide you with a writing instrument that is capable of writing on glass, windows, wood, pavement boards and even stone. Quick drying, water and weather-proof, these all-purpose

Sharpies are not limited to just permanent markers either, with dry wipe options available for usage on whiteboards and if you need to wipe clean from windows, glass and more.

Entice customers by creating eye-catching displays and upsell much more profitable dishes, drinks and more with our superb all-encompassing range of Sharpie pens.

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