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UNOX aim to give you the tools, support and ideas to help you rise to the challenge of foodservice business success.

Formed in 1990, the Italian company began producing a predominantly home-market focused catering oven that is the forefather to the current LineMirco range.

Some 25 years later, UNOX has become an internationally renowned brand that continues to expand and innovate within the commercial catering market.

With an incredible attention to detail, UNOX creates high-end convection ovens, contact grills and more feature intricate details and the highest crafted finishes that are not found elsewhere.

Sustainability plays a key part in the manufacturing and operation of all of the products that UNOX create, utilising efficient operation processes during manufacturing via a principle they have pioneered called "lean manufacturing": light, synchronised and perfectly timed production flows.

This helps eliminate waste and reduces the environmental and social impact that all products have.

Every product is made from 95% recyclable raw materials, UNOX works tirelessly to ensure that all materials are sourced from sustainable production plants or made via sustainable methods. This dedication means that efficiency today does not hinder tomorrow.

Not content with just creating environmentally sound units, UNOX ovens, in particular, could save up to as much as 30% more energy when compared to similar products from rival brands.

If you want consistency, efficiency and quality, you need UNOX.

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