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Simple, efficient, stylish and most importantly affordable, the entire water cooler range from Winix has been designed to offer affordability and function in an attractive and easy-to-use package.

Water cooling is an essential for offices with medium-to-large numbers of staff, with a cool water solution helping employees stay hydrated, focused and relaxed even if the weather conditions see the temperature rise.

Providing an adequate hydration option is a quick way to appease and improve the wellness of your entire workforce, but when costs of a dedicated cooling solution are high, an affordable but quality option can be even harder to find.

Winix offer environmentally friendly water dispensers, that come with complete installation kits to get you up and running and providing access to clean, cool, filtered drinking water that will please your entire workforce.

Available in a range of sizes, shapes, styles, capacities and outputs, these are bound to be a simple solution to your cold water dispensing conundrum from Winix.

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