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Founded by Giovanni Zanolli and his son Gianfranco, Zanolli has been at the forefront of Italian pizza oven manufacturing since the early 1950s.

Based in the Veronesi village of Sommacampagna, this family owned company has forged its reputation by bringing together the Italian’s love of pizza, a high standard of craftsmanship and a commitment to introducing new technologies to the catering industry.

In 1987 Zanolli introduced the Synthesis, the first ever Italian-made conveyor pizza oven. This oven has become a market leader and can be found in pizzerias and takeaways all across Europe.

With a commitment to crafting some of the finest pizza ovens, from only the best quality raw materials, Zanolli pizza ovens and pizza making equipment preserve the true Italian pizza making heritage, whilst offering your customers the best possible pizza product.

The Zanolli oven range includes conveyor ovens, desk pizza ovens, pizza dough presses and essential add-on accessories such as proving bases, oven stands and hoods.

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