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Established in 1985, Zumex have been creating avant-garde, design and innovation-led juice extractors for over 30 years.

Specialising in both fruit and vegetable juice extraction, the Valencia-based company has reinvented the way in which we approach fruit and vegetable juice extraction over the past three decades.

Zumex were the first company to apply automatic juice extraction to the professional sector, with an original system that prevents contact between the juice and the peel. This results in a tastier juice output, that is free from essential oils and acids, allowing you to experience true juice flavours.

With a slew of other innovations, Zumex's range of juicers are not only efficient and innovative, they provide an eye-catching centrepiece for all manner of catering establishments, bars and more.

Long-lasting, and with various options available, there is a Zumex juicer for almost any situation.

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