5 Non Stick PTFE Sheet GSA6

Reusable and economical. Quantity: 5 sheets
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  • Manufacturer: Roband
  • Model No: GK944
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Roband have designed and developed an easy way for customers to keep their Roband Grill Stations clean and presentable at all times.

This non-stick sheet and clip will help to keep our machines in a clean, well-presented condition, will help prevent food sticking during the cooking process and also prevents spillage baking-on or carbonising on the plates over time.

Feedback has shown that the use of the PTFE sheet produces a more flavourful result with thick products such as focaccia being heated throughout whilst the bread is perfectly browned. The PTFE sheet also helps to minimise the risk of burning the outer part of the food being grilled whilst its being cooked.

  • PTFE
  • Reusable and economical
  • The clip and sheet system is easy to install and each box of sheets includes an installation instruction