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Glassware is all about care.

The better you look after your glasses, the longer they will last. Sometimes though it's difficult given the sheer level of usage your glasses will experience.

Often taking a beating every single day, even the best quality glassware can suffer from a few chips and cracks throughout a lifetime of usage.

The problem is often choosing the right glassware for your needs, whether it's everyday drinking glasses, classic pint glasses or more elegant options for high-end venues. We have done our utmost to ensure that our entire selection provides every place with a quality drinking option.

Glass measurement information

Some of our specialist glassware can be available in US packaging, and will, therefore, include US measurements in the fl oz (fluid ounce) format.

  • 1 US fl oz = 1.04 Imperial oz = 29.57ml
  • 1 Imperial Pint = 20 Imperial oz = 19.22 US fl oz = 568ml

In some cases, different manufacturers list pint and half pint volumes with slight variations. For example, you might see a Half Pint glass listed as 280ml, 285ml or 290ml depending on the manufacturer.

  • Half Pint = 10 Imperial oz = 284ml
  • Pint = 20 Imperial oz = 568ml
  • One Third Pint = 6.7 Imperial oz = 189ml
  • Two Third Pint = 13.3 Imperial oz = 379ml

Beer glasses

The perfect pint probably doesn't exist, but the perfect pint glass is definitely something attainable. Especially as our selection provides a range of beer glasses to suit every occasion. Bespoke designed glasses, classic tankards, pint pots and polycarbonate pint glasses. There is a glass option to suit every single setting or establishment. We also offer a range of branded beer glasses from the likes of Carling, Becks, Worthington's and Caffrey's to help make your most popular beers taste as good as humanly possible.

Champagne flutes / Champagne glasses

Classic champagne flutes are the best way to indulge your guests craving for a taste of bubbles. Our range includes prosecco glasses and are perfect for a wide range of fizzy beverages.

Always best enjoyed in the proper glass, a set of champagne flutes are essential for functions and key events. Help your guests celebrate in style with a proper selection of amazing champagne glasses.

Cocktail and shot glasses

Your cocktails need a glass that will showcase them. Our selection of cocktail glasses are the perfect addition to your bar, restaurant or pub.

We stock a wide range of classic cocktail glasses such as Martini glasses, Margarita glasses and novelty options like skulls, tikis and milk bottles. For shorter measures and the ever popular Jager bomb, we offer a wide range of shot glasses in a range of styles to suit your shooters and shots.

Wine glasses

Wine needs pouring correctly no matter the cost, and so our selection of wine glasses provides you with a range of options.

Each wine glass we offer is designed to get the most flavour from your wine collection, meaning your guests will be more likely to enjoy another glass!

Find the perfect glass to serve red wine, white wine and rosé with our of luxurious selection of wine glasses. They're available from brands such as Olympia, Utopia and Arcoroc. Perfect for use in pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants we have ensured that our all-purpose options are perfect for almost everywhere.


Hi-balls and Tumblers

Perfect utility glasses for a wide range of drinks. Hi ball glasses and tumblers are the perfect addition to your glass collection. They allow you to offer a wide range of drinks with a simple selection of glasses.

Available in a range of shapes, sizes and capacities, tumblers are durable glasses that can withstand high usage.

Polycarbonate glasses

Glass is not suitable for every single location or business type. That's why we offer a range of plastic or polycarbonate glasses that are safe for usage on the street, at festivals and in the beer garden. Unlike their glass counterparts, polycarbonate glasses are incredibly lightweight, flexible and durable. If you plan on serving your guests in a range of different settings and want the added benefits that non-glass drinking vessels bring, then be sure to check out our full selection of plastic and polycarbonate glasses.

Coffee glasses

Coffee is very popular, but some speciality coffee drinks are best served in a see-through vessel. That's why we have a diverse range of coffee glasses to help your caffeine creations come to life. A dedicated selection of coffee glasses allows you to differentiate between hot drinks and customers will associate and understand the quality of what they are drinking.

Jugs, bottles, carafes and decanters

We offer a great choice of polycarbonate and glass jugs for large cocktail orders, table water and much more. Stylish designs and options are available to suit your offerings.

Sundae and dessert glasses

Ice cream and desserts deserve some attention too! That's why we provide you with the tools to serve up after dinner delights. Treat the sweet-toothed with a knickerbocker glory or a rice ice cream sundae with a classic dessert or sundae glass.

Glass storage and accessories

If you need a wide range of glasses then you'll need to store them safely. That's why we have solutions to that particular problem by offering safe glass storage. Bar staff and glass collectors become more efficient with the addition of glass and bottle carrier and dedicated glass jacks. They allow your staff to gather more empty glasses from your serving areas.

If you're unsure what glassware your business could benefit from, then please give a member of our team a call on 01977 687 665 for more information on how you can transform your drink experience.