Fish & Chip Shop

Welcome to our Fish and Chip Shop.

Catering Essentials

Have you considered any of these catering essentials?

Give your customers the 'Catch of the Day'

The classic British takeaway meal, Fish and Chips are synonymous with Friday evenings and the Seaside.

Quality is King with our oldest 'fast food', and so having access to the right bits of kit will be key to your Chip Shop success.

From fryers to fish knives, we have taken the time to refine our selection so that you have a streamlined shopping experience for your business or fledgling Fish Shop.

Prep work is likely to be one of the most time consuming elements within any food business, and with our selection of commercial food prep equipment, you'll have no problems peeling potatoes and chipping ready for the Friday rush.

So, if you are thinking Fish and Chips, we are here to help.