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Dishwashers & Glass Washers

Dishwashers & Glass Washers

Serving food and drink means that unfortunately, someone is going to need to clean up, it might not be constructive to be washing large amounts of plates, bowls, cutlery and drinkware by hand.

In all likelihood, a dishwasher or glasswasher is going to be the most efficient addition to your business.

Legal hygiene standards are also a major priority, with many rules and regulations needing to be adhered to. We understand the difficulty in managing your hygiene protocols and want to help you save time and money.

In a busy commercial kitchen or bar environment keeping track and in control of your dirty crockery, glasses and cutlery can be made incredibly easy by investing in a dedicated cleaning machine.

We've collated only the finest commercial dishwashers, glasswashers and cutlery dryers and polishers into one section of the web, so you don't have to spend time searching yourself.

Cutlery & Utensil washers

Cutlery and utensil washers have the sole purpose of removing dirt, grease, grime and caked in food from all of your table cutlery and food preparation utensils.

This includes pot, pans and gastronorm containers provided these utensils are safe for usage in these hygiene machines.

Take all of the effort out of keeping your serving cutlery and food preparation tools clean with these truly commercial cutlery and utensil washer.

Cutlery Dryers / Polishers

If left to dry all alone, stainless steel and metallic cutlery can be left with stains and water marks left over during the drying process.

Cutlery dryers and polishers eliminate the dirt and stains left behind by the impurities in your water supply, leaving all of your knives forks, spoons and more are sparkling and ready for table service.

Capable of cleaning upwards of 8,000 pieces of cutlery per hour, these specialist units could remove the need for time-consuming staff cutlery cleaning processes instantly.

Commercial Dishwashers

A necessary addition to almost any working kitchen, the food creation process is half of the battle in any business that has food as a product.

Dishwashers provide you with quick cleaning capabilities and alleviate the pressure on your kitchen or waiting staff where the rotation of clean crockery is integral to a smooth serving procedure.

Coming in a range of sizes for smaller operations all the way to large conveyor dishwashers, used by incredibly high output restaurants, canteens and cafeterias, there is likely to be an option for perfect cleaning available.

Commercial Glasswashers

If you are serving drinks exclusively or serve your available drinks from glasses and cups, then a professional glasswasher will be an essential addition.

Designed for the sole purpose of producing gleaming glasses in mere minutes, the glasswasher is a vital cog in the arsenal of many caterers and foodservice professionals all over the world.

Quick loading and unloading of glasses takes all the effort out of keeping glasses clean, whilst undercounter options provide easy access for bar staff and more.

Larger, higher output glasswashers are available for restaurants, bars and nightclubs that need a high turnover in their glassware.

The perfect solution to your cleaning problems, our complete collection of dishwashers and glasswashers have been selected on their ability to get rid of dirt, grime and leave all of your utensils, crockery, cutlery and more 100% germ-free and gleaming.

Designed to be long lasting, efficient and with a range of sizes and capacities available, with compact undercounter solutions perfect for locations short on space, we are sure there is a cleaning solution to suit your needs.

Not content with just offering the finest machines, we can provide all of the accessories, cleaning solutions and much more.

Our current range of quality machines includes products from brands such as: Blue Seal, Cheftec, Classeq, Electrolux, Halcyon, Meiko, Sammic, Smeg and much more.

If you would like to know more about our extensive range of dishwashers and glasswashers, or would like to know how you could benefit from the addition of a dedicated dishwasher, then please call our team on 01977 687 665.

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