Food Prep Machines

Food Prep Machines

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Food Prep Machines

Don't waste time preparing all of your raw ingredients, vegetables or meat by doing it by hand, almost all professional kitchens and catering businesses can benefit with the addition of dedicated food preparation machines.

Designed to provide exceptional quality results, food prep machines such as mixers, blenders, mincers and graters offer consistency and efficiency that are unmatched when preparing food by hand.

No matter your size or requirements, there is likely to be an option to enhance and streamline your entire food preparation process. Simplifying the food preparation process enables your kitchen staff to focus on the art of cooking, enhancing food output and increasing the happiness of your diners.

Not only that but the quality of your food will improve due to the increased consistency of your pre-prepared raw ingredients; whilst food prep and food processing machines enabling your kitchen staff to take on other more intensive tasks, in turn, saving you money.

Automatic Sieves

Take all of the efforts out of getting perfectly sieved raw foods with the addition of an automatic sieve unit.

Ideal for smooth soups, stocks, bisques, purees and terrines, these professional kitchen units are incredibly versatile and powerful.

Commonplace in bakeries and patisseries, an automatic sieve could be an all-in solution to many of your kitchen requirements.


A blixer is a combination of a blender and mixer in one convenient and powerful unit that can take care of these two similar tasks with ease.

Emulsifying foods is key to the operation of a blixer, instead of destroying food fibres, a blixer ensures that these fibres are not totally shredded and the intended nutrients make the mixture stay fuller for longer.

This Robot Coupe exclusive range is ideal for a wide selection of professional and commercial kitchens.

Chocolate Fountains

A crowd-pleasing showstopper, the chocolate fountain is at home almost anywhere dessert is being served.

More commonly found at functions and events, if you are looking to give guests an indulgent sweet treat then a chocolate fountain could be the ideal option.

Cascading warm molten chocolate in a number of tiers, we have professional hot chocolate fountains for usage for sites and caterers of varying outputs and sizes.


Preserve food for longer, create a range of specialist dried foods simply by removing the moisture content.

Ideal for specialist stores looking to offer healthy snack foods such as banana chips, beef jerky, dried fruits and vegetables, a dehydrator operates by circulating warm air around stacked trays until moisture evaporates.

By removing the moisture, dried produce can last several times longer than the fresh counterpart.

Food Processors

Designed to make repetitive tasks that much easier, a professional food processor is ideal for taking care of repetitive kitchen food preparation tasks such as chopping, slicing, shredding, dicing and more.

Unlike household equivalents, a commercial food processor can withstand a much higher usage rate whilst simultaneously increasing the output of your prepared raw produce.

An all purpose kitchen unit such as this could seriously streamline many of your food preparation and food processing tasks almost instantly.

Hamburger Machines

Creating the perfect burger can be a tough task, especially when consistency is key within your kitchen or restaurant.

A hand operated burger machine could provide respite from the tough task of moulding your ground beef or even vegetables to make a burger patty.

By using a hamburger press, you are able to create uniform hamburgers with each usage, meaning more consistency for every single item you make.

Hand Mixers

Save your strength when whisking and folding ingredients, hand mixers have become an essential for bakers and pastry makers all over the world.

Economical and time-saving, the addition of professional hand mixer is a must within a busy commercial kitchen of any size.

Ice Cream Machines

Ideal for the hot summer months, ice cream is the dessert of choice for tourists and more looking to cool off in the heat.

Instead of offering pre-packaged boring old ice cream options, why not try making your own signature combination?

Ice cream machines are incredibly simple to use and create smooth ice cream from a variety of ingredients, the only limitation is what combos you can think of!

Kitchen Blenders

Ideal for blitzing fruit, vegetables, ice, drinks and a wide range of other raw ingredients, a professional kitchen blender are a handy addition to any commercial kitchen.

From small to large capacities, we have a range of kitchen blenders from some of the world's most renowned brands, with an option tailored to your specific establishment or catering business.


Ideal for foodservice businesses that rely on meat as a key product, a commercial mincer provides you with high output mincing capabilities for the creation of a plethora of quality dishes.

Quality butchers rely on an exceptional mincer to produce minced meats for usage by foodservice professionals, save money, time and energy with a quality commercial mincer from our online catalogue.


Professional mixers come in a range of sizes, shapes and function, all of which meet the specific requirements of the catering professional or catering business.

Taking care of many of the mixing tasks that professional kitchens face on a daily basis, our range of planetary mixers from the likes of KitchenAid, Kenwood and more can enhance the overall quality of many of your products.

Countertop to completely standalone industrial mixers are available and can be configured to your particular wants or needs as per the type of business you run or the key foods you produce.

Pizza Dough Rollers

In a busy pizza shop or takeaway, pre-prepared pizza bases and dough can be the difference between having orders ready on time or having no repeat orders.

Organise the dough portioning with consummate ease whilst a roller will ensure that each base maintains the perfect amount of dough for each pizza you make.

Simply and efficient, a pizza dough roller is an essential within a busy takeaway kitchen working environment where orders need to be dealt with quickly and with a minimum of fuss.

Pizza Press

Hand pressing pizza dough is time consuming and creates issues with consistency when creating large amounts of the Italian food item.

A pizza press provides a way to manage your pizzas by ensuring that each is uniform and consistent, so cooking times stay the same throughout a busy service period.

With a powerful output, a dedicated pizza pressing option can save a business time and therefore money by freeing up staff to take care of other key kitchen tasks during both service and pre-service periods.

Potato Chippers

Get consistency with every single portion of chips you serve thanks to the addition of a commercial potato chipper, the ability to process and produce large amounts of chips is ideal for takeaways and more that are looking to increase their kitchen efficiency.

From standard thick cut to spiral chips and the more commonly seen French fries, a commercial potato chipper cuts every potato exactly the same, meaning no poorly cut chips will find their way to diners plates or packaging.

Perfectly paired with a commercial potato peeler, rethink and reimagine your potato processing procedure.

Potato Peelers

For kitchens that rely on potatoes for all kinds of dishes and sides such as chips, hash browns and more, the addition of a dedicated professional potato peeler could potentially save incredible amounts of time and money.

Designed to strip the skin quickly and efficiently from your unwashed potatoes, these units have incredibly powerful output levels, being able to process upwards of 35kg of unprocessed potatoes per hour.

Ideal for fast food restaurants, carveries, pubs, bars and any business that relies on the humble potato, the addition of a commercial potato peeler could prompt huge efficiency within your kitchen premises.

Sausage Stuffers

Make the perfect pork, beef or turkey based sausages in a true butcher's style with a commercial sausage stuffer designed to help you make your very own specialist sausages.

From bangers to 100% meat sausages, you have full control over the creation of quality sausages, if you have the imagination, you can create all types of the traditional sausage.

Hand operated, these units are designed to withstand a literal lifetime of service and are crafted from the hardiest stainless steel components.

Slicers & Graters

Commercial slicers and graters quickly prepare expertly sliced and grated food in a safe and incredibly efficient manner.

Avoid mishaps and slow grating and slicing by investing in a quality professional food preparation unit from our online catalogue.

Sous Vide Equipment

Sous Vide equipment offers a new way of cooking an array of common menu items whilst improving flavour, texture, colour and most importantly the dining experience.

The term 'sous vide' is derived from the French translation or 'under vacuum', and was developed by world class chefs over 30 years ago as a slow cooking method that utilises vacuum packing and low-temperature water cooking.

Food is cooked slowly in a waterbath whilst vacuum sealed, this creates unique full flavour dishes that cannot be replicated by traditional cooking methods.

Spice Grinders

When creating a whole host of continental dishes or exotic foods, spices will become a key component in every single dish.

A professiona spice grinder provides the ability to grind spices to exactly the consistently you need for your best Indian, Italian, Chinese, Thai and international cuisine.

Although not necessary in every single restaurant, for those that need ready access to spices, a spice grinder is an absolute essential.

Stick Blenders

Blend food during the food preparation process without hindering the time it takes to prepare your meal, commercial stick blenders offer smoothly blend all types of food to create sauces, soups, gravies and much more.

Sometimes known as immersion blenders, these versatile pieces of catering equipment are ideal for busy kitchens that want to prepare large amounts of food without slowing down certain processes.

Only constrained by the container you which to blend and item within, these powerful pieces of kit could be considered an essential for almost any professional caterer.Vacuum Packing Machines

Vacuum Packing Machines

Extend the lifespan of your food by utilising the power of vacuum packing or utilise the cooking option of sous vide for amazing, succulent dishes with little effort and big returns.

Vacuum packing machines are designed to expand the shelf life of foods by removing air from packaging, which prevents microbes from being able to multiply.

Incredibly effective at increasing your raw produce shelf life, easy-to-use and helping you increase your kitchen operation, why wouldn't you consider the power of vacuum packing?

Veg Prep Machines

Vegetables come in a range of shapes, sizes and ways to cook and prepare, the food preparation process can sometimes become a chore.

Which is why dedicated veg prep machines can alleviate the pressure on your kitchen staff, streamlining the entire food prep process.

Vegetable preparation machines provide the ability to cut, peel, slice, chop, dice and grate your vegetables into accurate portions and ready to be used by chefs, kitchen staff and food prep staff.

We offer options to suit almost all styles and budgets, with all machines offering simple operation, sleek design and attractive price tags, browse our online catalogue and find a piece of food prep equipment perfect for your business.

If you would like to discuss a specific piece of food preparation equipment or would like to learn how you could benefit from the addition of dedicated food prep equipment, then please call our team on 01977 687 665.