Catering Appliances

Catering Appliances

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Catering Appliances

To attain success in the foodservice industry, you need reliable, quality catering appliances and catering equipment that won't let you down even during busy periods.

With over 25,000 products in our online catalogue, all of which are suited for usage in a wide variety of environments, kitchens and catering establishments, we do our utmost to ensure that your needs are catered to from start to finish.

Constantly seeking to meet the requirements, desires and needs of restaurants, bars, cafes, takeaways and even mobile catering units across the United Kingdom, we are constantly expanding our catalogue selection to meet your specific individual requirements.

One of the widest range of essential catering equipment available online means that we can provide a complete solution to your entire catering equipment needs at incredibly competitive price points.

Beverage Machines

Making drinks is likely to be a big portion of your business, or it could be the sole product sold within your business, that's why you need quality drink making equipment to ensure your customers come back time after time.

Not all businesses need access to the same thing, that's why we offer a refined selection of quality drink-making equipment to ensure that your business serves drinks quickly and smoothly.

From bar blender to smoothie makers, coffee and espresso machines to cup warmers, drinking fountains to drink dispensers, hot chocolate machines to kettles, juice extractors to slush machines, water boilers to water coolers, there is bound to be an option to have you making stellar liquid refreshment.

Make sure you're serving superb refreshing drinks of all ilks with the help of our specialist selection of professional drink making machines and equipment.

Cooking Equipment

At the heart of almost every catering business is, of course, the food. We understand the importance of every step of the cooking process, but often the most important part is the cooking process itself.

You need quality commercial cooking equipment to ensure that every single dish that you produce is done so to the finest standard possible.

Whether you're cooking for a busy school canteen, a high-end restaurant or small local cafe, you require reliable and efficient catering appliances that won't let you down when you need them most.

Commercial cooking equipment from our catalogue is designed to withstand the intense usage that you will experience in a commercial kitchen environment without letting you down.

Beyond just simply just ovens, grills and hobs, we have some key bits of cooking kit that can save you time and effort. Need mountains of rice? Invest in a specialist rice cooker! Want perfect pasta every single day? Then a pasta boiler will save you time, effort, and of course money!

Dishwashers & Glasswashers

Wherever food and drink is served, there is, unfortunately, going to be a great deal of cutlery, crockery, glasses and utensils that will need to be cleaned.

The addition of a commercial dishwasher or glasswasher gives you a cleaning power and output that you simply won't find with standard consumer variants.

Get rid of dirt, grime and leave your cutlery, crockery, utensils and more 100% germ-free and gleaming without ever having to lift a finger.

All units within our selection have been designed to provide high-output cleaning alongside efficient operation and with an affordable price tag.

Food Prep machines

Preparing food can be an arduous process, but food prep machines can take all the effort out of the long-winded tasks such as peeling, chopping and even washing your vegetables and more.

Not limited to simply mixing, sieving and food processing equipment, food prep machines also include hamburger presses, ice cream machines, mincers, sous vide equipment, vacuum packing machines and much more.

Food preparation can be made incredibly simple, allowing you and your kitchen to focus on other more pressing tasks.

Heated and Ambient display units

Food display plays a big role in many businesses, with bakeries, buffets, cafes and carveries restaurants all looking to improve or enhance the entire food display for your catering business.

Utilise the appeal of your hot food by making it a part of your presentation and encourage guests to spend that little more money or try one of your best dishes possible.

Make food the centrepiece with the addition of dedicated display units designed for true catering professionals, having an effective and consistent display, whilst maintaining serving temperature and therefore keeping food quality standards high.

Ice machines

Efficient and cost-effective, commercial ice machines provide you with large amounts of ice for drinks, food and displays all whilst being incredibly power conscious.

Almost essential in bars and nightclubs, where punters want cold cocktails with ice or fast food restaurants where soft drinks are to be served ice cold, we can help you by providing all manner of professional grade ice making and ice preparing units.

If ice cubes are not your style or not suited to your needs, then we provide a range of other ice making solutions including ice flakers, ice crushers and ice shavers.

Commercial refrigeration

Almost all professional catering businesses will need access to chilled or cold storage, the importance of commercial refrigeration cannot be understated.

Food needs to be kept safe from bacteria, microbes and germs in the optimal conditions, refrigeration is, therefore, integral to every foodservice industry within the United Kingdom.

Understanding that every business needs refrigeration in some capacity, means that we curated one of the largest selections of commercially viable chillers, beer fridges, chest freezers, cold rooms, counters, freezers, merchandisers and more for you to choose from.

If bulk cold storage or frozen storage are necessary then we can provide tailored and specialist solutions that you have been searching for.

Tables, sinks and shelving units

Furniture, fixtures and fittings are yet another essential in your business, if you are looking to kit your premises out with the finest commercial quality equipment, then our curated selection of professional options purposefully designed for professional kitchens will provide a solution for your premises.

Cabinets, shelving, tables, sinks and basins can be found amongst other essential additions that are often overlooked or underfunded within kitchens.

Reliable and long-lasting, with waste disposal and water filtration systems also available, we have everything you might not have initially considered or required.

Custom Servery Counters

If you need a truly bespoke serving and preparation solution, but want something unlike anything available elsewhere, then our custom build servery counter option could provide the answers you seek.

Enhance you serving ability and combine both heated and chilled storage alongside merchandising capabilities, the limits are only bound by your vision.

Featuring modular, flexible options and in a range of finishes and functions, if you are looking for a truly bespoke serving option, then the addition of custom servery counters could be what you've been seeking.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring Systems

Managing and keeping an eye on the temperature of key areas of your kitchen and serving spaces can prove to be both time-consuming and inefficient.

Our solution to ensure that your staff and premises meet legal standards provides a range of wireless temperature monitoring systems, that centralises the management process and ensures procedures are followed.

Understandably it can be confusing given so many options, but if you don't quite know what you are looking for, then don't worry, our fully trained and incredibly friendly customer service team can provide you with all the key information you need over the phone.

Furthermore, if you can't see a product you'd like, then please, by all means get in touch; we work directly with catering equipment manufacturers to provide you with everything you will need as food service industry professionals.

To speak to a member of our team then please give us a call on 01977 687 665 or visit this simple contact form and we'll endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.