Food Presentation

Food Presentation

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Food Presentation

Food presentation is on of the most important contributing factors to the success of your food business, with guests judging every single aspect of your restaurant, it should come as no surprise that the way food is served and presented is high on the list of priorities for any restaurant, pub, bar or cafe.

Quality food presentation also allows us as professional caterers to impart our style on even common dishes and gives guests a taste of our brand and style.

Allowing you to put the finishing touches to your dishes or create new ways of serving food entirely, our range of food presentation options are ideal for a wide number of restaurant types and cuisines.

Every single thing you could possibly need to enhance your entire serving and display procedures is included within our catalogue, with our tableware allowing you to prepare the most stunning table settings possible, and includes plenty of products that can save you time and money.

Ceramic & Stoneware table presentation

Hardy and long lasting, ceramic and stone presentation options provide you with a range of iconic serving and display options for both your dining and serving areas.

Featuring classic styles from Avebury Blue and Tribeca stoneware, if you are looking for a simple yet strong look, then ceramic and stoneware options could be perfect for your catering establishment.

Display Boards

Attract guests to some of your special dishes or entice them to try something exotic with a range of quality display boards that are amazing for putting prominent items right in front of your customer's eyes.

Featuring set display boards for hot and cold foods, these are especially useful in cafes, chilled cabinets and buffets where your prominent food items need to been seen.

Perfect for giving food a platform to speak for itself, display boards are an essential if you believe your dishes are an artform.

Metal Presentation

Bright and shiny metallic presentation options are common in a wide range of continental and international cuisines, from balti dishes to handi dishes and even roasting pans, there are options for every single catering establishment.

Oven to table

Taking food directly from your oven to table has long since been a great way to wow your guests, but it's no mean feat. 

If you want to serve incredible hot pots, pies, casseroles and more then our range of cast iron cookware is designed to be taken straight from your oven directly to the table, creating a sense of freshness that can't easily be replicated.

With skillets and sizzling pans, if you are hoping to add some more theatre to your serving then why not just go straight from oven to table?

Presentation stands

With a series of presentation stands you can turn your afternoon tea into something incredibly special for all of your guests.


Classical and sustainable, woodware provides you with a unique look, whilst is also an incredibly robust serving option for a wide variety of foods.

Recyclable and of course allowing the food to speak for itself, there has been a resurgeance in recent years in the usage and popularity of usage cutting boards and more abstract woodware to serve a wide range of dishes.

Perfect for cheese boards and made from a wide range of woods such as Acacia, Bamboo, Oak and Olive Wood, give your presentation options a rustic makeover with woodware.