Cooking Equipment

Cooking Equipment

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Cooking Equipment

At the heart of every commercial catering business is food. But to achieve amazing food with every single service, you'll need direct access to exceptional commercial cooking equipment.

Knowing exactly what common kitchen products and cooking equipment that the true catering professional needs; we at CS Catering truly understand the foodservice industry and the huge range of unique products you need to produce the finest food possible.

Every single item has been selected after meeting our exacting standards: We ensure that consistency, durability and affordability are key features of every product we offer, all so that you get the best possible cooking equipment at the best possible price.


Create iconic barbecue (or BBQ) dishes with our truly professional options for usage in both outdoor and indoor locations.

Ideal for burgers, steaks, chicken and much more, the professional barbecue is capable of cooking much more than a home equivalent.

From classic gas and charcoal barbecues to highly efficient ceramic grills, we pride ourselves on offering one of the widest ranges of the best-selling models on the commercial catering market.

Perfect for the hot summer months, our portable models are a great option for mobile caterers and event catering.

Boiling Rings, Tables & Hobs

Made for modularity, boiling rings, tables and hobs are commonly used by businesses that cater for events and want guaranteed access to a boiling source.

Versatile and incredibly durable, we can provide a range of compact and full-size options that are perfectly suited to professional usage in a wide variety of environments.

Bratt Pans

The Bratt pan allows a much wider variety of cooking options including braising, boiling, steaming, poaching, stewing, roasting, deep-fat frying and shallow frying.

Giving you a heavy duty cooking contraption that has been made to make large amounts of quality food, a Bratt pan can transform your output almost instantly.

Designed almost specifically for mass catering businesses, these large appliances are perfect for usage in schools, hospitals or large staff canteens for producing large volumes of food.

Catering Toasters

Unlike the home counterpart, a catering toaster provides your food preparation, buffets and self-service areas with quick and convenient access to quality toasted bread even during intense breakfast sessions.

Coming in a variety of shapes, sizes and outputs, we understand that not all bread is created in the same way or even the same shape.

Conveyor toasters and standard slot toasters are complimented by contact toasters and even toaster bags, to help you create toasted sandwiches and more.

Charcoal Ovens

Bring your barbecuing indoors with the classic cooking control of a charcoal oven.

This time honoured cooking tradition provides you with the ability to create exceptional charred food that exudes the enticing smokey flavour that guests and diners love without smoking your restaurant out.

Safe and without the need for electricity or gas, no matter what you're cooking, a charcoal oven can help you produce meat, fish or vegetables with deliciously juicy results all year round.


Creating the authentic taste and appearance of traditionally cooked barbecue dishes, a professional chargrill could be a key addition to your commercial kitchen.

Healthy food is made easy with the addition of a chargrill with fats and oils running straight off whilst the sealing process keeps moisture and juices within the food being prepared.

A perfect addition to a hot food menu, the chargrill is ideal for businesses looking to create quality grilled food without compromising on their current kitchen organisation.

Combination Ovens

Versatile and convenient, a combination oven has become the standard appliance found in commercial kitchens all over the globe.

Featuring three main functions: convection, steam and combination cooking, you can create epic meals that retain flavour and remain more succulent for even longer than with other cooking methods.

Increase your cooking times and ensure that all of your food tastes as good as it looks by harnessing the power of combination cooking.

Commercial Microwave Ovens

Utilise the unique power of microwave cooking and reheating, with a true commercial microwave oven from our in-depth online catalogue.

Making light work of defrosting, reheating and capable of cooking a meal, the microwave has an unearned reputation for creating poor quality food, the truth is that a microwave oven can transform and streamline many of your kitchen processes.

Combination microwaves can even replace an inefficient or bulky old oven in many kitchens, using the power of an oven alongside microwave cooking speed.

Contact & Panini Grills

Perfect for preparing a range of prime toasted sandwiches, paninis, meats and more, a contact grill cooks food from both sides at the same time, meaning juices are sealed in during the cooking process for much more appealing dishes.

Incredibly quick and efficient, an upgrade such as this can streamline your cooking procedures whilst also simultaneously improving the quality of your grilled food.

Contact grill plates come in a range of finishes to give your grilled food a unique chargrilled look and eating experience for your guests.

Convection Ovens

Exponentially more powerful than a standard home oven, a professional or commercial convection oven provides you with power beyond that of simple household options.

Purposely built for catering businesses, a convection oven from our range will enhance both power and cooking efficiency for your kitchen or catering establishment.

Designed to withstand the high intensity of a modern kitchen, and capable of incredible cooking levels throughout busy dining periods, a commercial convection oven could be the ideal upgrade for your business.

Cook & Hold Ovens

Versatile and unlike many other ovens available, a cook and hold oven provides you with flexibility beyond simply cooking and serving when ready.

A cook and hold oven is capable of keeping food at serving or ambient temperature without detriment to the quality right until the point of serving, this makes these unique ovens the perfect addition to businesses looking to pre-prepare meals long before serving periods.

Cook overnight and make dishes such as slow cooked pulled pork whilst ensuring that food retains moisture and flavour without being burnt, overcooked or dry.

Cooking Suites

Organising your kitchen or starting from scratch when building or piecing together commercial kitchen premises can be a daunting proposition.

Our range of modular cooking suites give you direct access to heavy duty cooking equipment in a malleable format so you get every item you need to get started as a professional foodservice operation.

By allowing you to tailor your cooking areas, a dedicated cooking suite means a variety of cooking methods and cooking units can be combined into one convenient suite to aid you in an efficient kitchen operation.

Crepe Makers

Synonymous with fairs and the seaside, the crepe is a French cultural icon that has found a new home on our shores.

Light, tasty and incredibly easy to make, a dedicated crepe maker could be the key to your success during the summer months.

These versatile cooking machines can be used to make traditional crepes, pancakes and tortillas.

Doughnut Fryers

Going hand in hand with a quality crepe maker, a dedicated doughnut fryer allows you to make sweet, crispy and soft doughnuts in mere seconds.

Suited perfectly to mobile caterers at fetes, fairs and festivals, our range of doughnut fryers has been selected for their versatility, consistency and efficiency.

Dual Fuel Ranges

Catering has become a multi-functional process, with a variety of methods required to create stellar hot and cold dishes for your eagerly awaiting guests.

Dual fuel oven ranges provide versatility for creating a wider menu by utilising both gas and electric cooking in one complete oven unit.

Adapt to the needs of your kitchen with an electric and gas powered oven range for precision cooking no matter what the dish or how busy your serving session becomes.

Electric Multi-pans

Giving you access to a wider range of cooking options than a regular cooking pan, an electric multi-pan is a great addition to smaller catering establishments that need a multi-usage cooking utensil but lack the room for higher-output options.

Capable of frying, grilling, stewing and baking, you will be able to serve a much wider range of dishes including the likes of paella, pizza, pasta and even steak completely hassle free and in no time.

Electric Ovens & Oven Ranges

Gas and electric power are the two most integral power options available within any kitchen, whilst a major proponent of almost all commercial kitchen premises is likely to be the oven.

We understand the importance of a quality electric oven, and so our range of professional grade electric ovens only includes some of the finest available on the commercial catering market.

Ideal for all manner of commercial kitchens, from small independents to high output commercial premises, there is an efficient and powerful cooking unit to suit your particular requirements.

Unlike gas options, a mains electricity supply is ideal for areas where a gas connection is not possible.

Extractor Units & Canopies

Used in conjunction with an oven or another cooking unit, an extractor hood, fan or canopy removes grease and steam before they linger and compromise the quality of your existing food items.

Essential in improving the air quality within your busy kitchen environment, we have options that have been purposefully designed to filter and recirculate air where outside ventilation is not possible or viable.

Keep your premises clean and free from smoke with the addition of a professional air filtration solution.

Food Smokers

Give your food the ultimate smokey flavour with the addition of a professional food smoker that can transform your fish and meat dishes into something completely different.

Smoke cooked and raw foods to add an authentic rustic flavour that emulates food cooked over a pit or fire.

Cold smoking opens up your menu to create smoked cheeses, butter and other food types that could melt at higher temperatures all without detriment to the quality and consistency.


Nearly everyone loves fried food, but providing quality fried food can be an essential for a wide variety of restaurants, fast food establishments and much more.

Create crispy chips, finger-licking fried chicken and a whole host of amazing fried foods that will entice your guests taste buds.

We can provide a range of built-in and free-standing fryers for placement in the perfect location within your kitchen. Countertop fryers are also available for your low usage or low output requirements too.

Gas Hobs

Perfect for mobile caterers and catering businesses looking to provide hot food from a variety of locations and without direct access to a mains gas supply, gas hobs provide cooking potential in a small package.

Practical and portable, these light but durable units can give you up to two hours of burning without compromising on heating capability.

Gas Ovens & Oven Ranges

The larger counterpart to a gas hob, gas ovens and oven ranges are part and parcel of modern day commercial kitchens and catering businesses.

One of the most common kitchen appliances available, we have ensured that our gas oven ranges provide exceptional cooking results, durability and longevity.

Unlike the home equivalent, a commercial gas oven provides unrivalled cooking performance and output whilst offering power efficiency compared to standard models.

Various sizes, shapes, finishes and aesthetic options are available with each option tailored for usage within a specific environment or industry.


Commercial griddles provide a wide range of cooking capability in one easy to use unit. Practical and versatile, the simple hot plate can scorch with dry heat and shallow fry all manner of food items you could think of.

The griddle cooking surface can be tailored to your needs, with plates featuring grooved finishes allowing for the iconic searing marks found on grilled meat and fish.

Providing quality electric and gas-powered models, we also have models that are ideal for countertop placement in busy restaurants and cafes.


Unlike a griddle a commercial grill creates expertly cooked food without direct heat contact, therefore retaining the structural integrity of every item you cook.

Designed for constant commercial usage, the heating elements are purposefully crafted to cook food without drying or loss of quality of your meats, vegetables and more.

Incredibly quick, and available in both gas and electric variants, the grill could be the addition to your business that you've been searching for.

Hog Roasts

Hog roasts are a true crowd pleaser at events, functions and more, roast a whole pig to perfection and serve directly from one superb showpiece catering unit.

Great for attracting a crowd, efficient and incredibly cost effective, a hog roast isn't an everyday piece of kitchen kit but could be a quality addition for mobile caterers looking to diversify their menu options.

Hot Dog Machines

Keep your Frankfurters or weiners hot and tasty at all times with a dedicated hot dog machine from our online catalogue.

Designed to not only keep your hot dogs and buns perfectly suited to serve but entice and draw customer attention to make a snap purchase.

Ideal for outside caterers and event catering, such as at fairs and fairgrounds, give yourself a platform for perfect pork dogs with a dedicated hot dog machine.

Induction Hobs

Harnessing the power of magnetic induction, an induction hob uses this process to generate heat without requiring a gas flame or electric heating element.

Incredibly safe when compared to other heating methods, induction hobs only heat the metal of the pot, meaning heat is only transferred when a pot or pan is placed upon the heating pad.

An induction hob, therefore, is able to heat up food much quicker than via alternate methods, meaning safer, quicker and more efficient cooking for all kitchen staff.

Kebab Making Equipment

Popular in many fast food outlets and restaurants up and down the British Isles, if you are hoping to serve kebabs: be that doner, chicken or even shawarma, then the quality kebab making equipment we have available could be the answer.

Both gas and electric models are available, creating quality kebabs that are cooking evenly, quickly and consistently without compromising on quality and taste.

Due to the nature of kebabs and their popularity, we can provide a range of kebab making equipment for businesses of different sizes, from small takeaway shops to larger restaurants and more.

Popcorn & Candy Floss Makers

Serve the sweet or salty snack in style with a professional popcorn machine or candy floss maker designed to make bulk amounts of deliciously popped corn or soft sugary candy floss in an instant.

Stylish and incredibly crowd-pleasing, the addition of either of these units would be ideal for event caterers looking for a high-margin item that will fly out of the door.

Popular with children and adults alike, popcorn and candy floss is synonymous with entertainment.

Potato Ovens

The jacket potato has become a staple in the lunch time menus of cafes, bars and restaurants up and down the country. Calibrated to make perfect potatoes with every single operation, a dedicated jacket potato oven could transform you lunchtime serving operation instantly.

Providing healthy food that is not only high on goodness but high on margin is a great cornerstone for any business seeking to profit from those looking for a healthy, filling daytime meal.

With showpiece front of house options, mobile caterer options and high scale catering options can create the comfort of home-cooked potatoes with little effort required.

Rice Cookers

Making quality rice for a range of Oriental and Asian dishes is made incredibly easy with the addition of a dedicated professional rice cooker.

Creating a large amount of perfectly cooked, soft and fluffy rice is all taken care of by these unique cooking machines.

Simplify the often tricky rice cooking process and focus on other more in-depth kitchen food preparation tasks without worrying or constantly monitoring the procedure.


Rotisseries are ideal for carveries or catering businesses that need ready access to large joints of meat or even whole animals such as chickens and turkeys but want accurate and repeatable results.

Constantly turning and evenly roasting all types of meat product means that every single service will be the same, ideal for kitchens that need access to large amounts of the same meat product.

Not only a great cooking option, a rotisserie is an incredibly eye-catching way to cook, attracting customers and visually enticing them to choose your price poultry and more.

Steam Ovens

A steam oven uses the power of steam to cook food, which ensures that flavour, colour and nutrients are not lost resulting in food that is not only succulent but incredibly visually appealing too.

By using steam instead of dry-heat, these versatile ovens can create a wide range of foods from pasta to rice, potatoes to vegetables and meat to puddings, the possibilities are only limited by what your kitchen can imagine.

The power of steam can also be utilised to defrost and reheat food without loss of moisture, which means food reheated or thawed using this method will retain much more flavour than by other means.

Vertical Contact Toasters

A vertical contact toaster has been designed for usage in kitchens that require high volumes of toasted bread, and want exceptional quality and consistency that can't often be matched by a standard slot toaster.

Fast food restaurants can benefit from the exceptional results provided, with buns and breadcakes toasted and ready within seconds for the perfect burger experience. 

Waffle Makers

The classic American breakfast food is a treat that is renowned for the sweet and savoury European iteration.

Perfect for serving a wide range of breakfast types, or simply as an addition to your crepe and doughnut offering, a dedicated waffle maker turns batter into delicious waffles in a matter of minutes.

Water Baths

Tap into the wonderful world of Sous Vide cooking with the addition of a water bath cooking appliance from our online catalogue.

A water bath allows your food to be cooked for much longer, but at a lower temperature than a conventional pan that will boil over or boil dry after a long period.

Instead, the water bath allows you to cook vacuum packed meats, fish, cheeses and more, ensuring that food retains flavour, texture and tenderness without compromising on cooking time or effort levels.

With a wide range of cooking equipment listed, we ensure that no matter the type or size of your establishment, there is a product on hand that suits your wants, needs and, importantly, budget.

By stocking and supplying leading brands in the commercial cooking equipment field like Falcon, Lainox, Rational, Lincat and Electrolux, we ensure that our entire selection of commercial cooking equipment is of the highest quality possible.

If you need any help on selecting the right product or are unsure what exactly you are looking for then please feel free to contact a member of our team by calling 01977 687 665.