Bar Supplies

Bar Supplies

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Bar Supplies

Running a bar can be a daunting and tiring process. We can ease one area of pressure with all the bar supplies and bar equipment that you could ever need.

We can ensure you're equipped with everything you need to dispense, serve and display drinks to the highest possible standards.

Storage options for a wide range of drinks and products including wine and champagne buckets, wine racks and glass racks as well as shakers, scoops and even dartboards.

We have everything you need to run a traditional British pub or any type of business serving high-quality alcoholic drinks.

Bar Aide

The unsung hero of the bar and service industry, a bar aide allows you to organise and manage your serving areas quickly and easily.

Providing the ability to store napkins, straws, stirrers and more, a dedicated bar aide is a godsend in busy pubs and bars where customers want to be served in ultra-quick time.

Bar Boards & Covers

Protect your expensive bars and serving areas from the daily rigours of service by covering them with an option that doesn't detract from your style and interior vision with professional bar boards and covers from our online catalogue.

Making it easier to keep clean and providing exceptional protection from drops, spills, scrapes and scuffs, a bar board or bar cover is a time honoured addition to many alcohol serving areas.

Bottle Chillers & Wine Coolers

Attractive and eye-catching, a bottle chiller or wine cooler instantly grabs your guests attention whilst also providing your quality wines and bottled drinks with the storage they need.

Perfect for a wide range of businesses that want to make both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks a main part of their menu.

Cocktail Equipment

Everything you could ever need to make amazing and eye-catching drinks, the question is: shaken or stirred?

We stock an incredible range of items to help you stir, shake and muddle, if you're a mixologist looking for precise drink-making tools then you've found the right place.

Make the finest cocktails around with our professional bartenders cocktail equipment, which includes mixes, purees and syrups for super fast service.

Drip Trays

Spillages and damp glasses, cups and jugs are just par for the course in any business that makes drinks, but quality drip trays help keep messes to a minimum by providing exceptional moisture retention during drink preparation and serving.

Saving your staff time by keeping the mess in one easy to manage location, our range of drip trays come in a range of styles and sizes to suit your particular tastes.

Ice Storage

Having easy and direct access to ice is essential for any bartender or publican, that's why you need quality ice storage options as well a quality ice machines.

Check out our entire range of ice buckets and crushers, bar ice scoops and ice moulds for areas where a dedicated ice making machine might not be possible.

Order & Payment

The ordering and payment process is, of course, integral to the entire service industry but you also need to offer a seamless payment and ordering process.

With bill spikes, check pads, tips trays and more in our online catalogue, you'll have no trouble keeping up with all your orders even on the busiest of days.

Spirit Dispensers & Measures

A vast portion of the alcoholic drinks you will serve will rely on a set of staple spirits that you will find in pubs and clubs all over the world.

Getting the correct measure can be a time consuming and tricky affair during busy service hours, and so spirit measures and dispensers are designed to streamline this process.

Coming in a range of sizes to meet legal regulation, if you are planning on making cocktails or offering spirits then these are absolutely essential.

Wine & Champagne Buckets

From wine rack to table, good quality Champagne and wine deserves to be served in the best possible manner.

That's why we provide some of the best wine and Champagne buckets to help you give your guests a true taste of extravagance.

Wine Racks

Attractive, convenient and a great way to manage stock, wine racks provide a multitude of function within a simple aesthetically pleasing unit that can enhance your wine serving credentials.

From small display kits to large professional units for cellars and true wine bars, we have the wine racks to make your grapes the talk of the town.