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Cloths, Gloves & Towels

Cloths, Gloves & Towels

Essential in any kitchen, our range of cloths, towels and gloves have been specifically designed to be used in a high usage environment where only quality products are expected.

Our products include high quality cloths and tea towels in a vast range of simple and contemporary designs, including striped, plain and the iconic chequerboard (checkerboard) patterns.

If kitchen and oven gloves are required, we have a selection of heat resistant gloves in a number of high-temperature protective materials. These oven gloves and oven mitts come from a range of manufacturers from the likes of Bonzer, Burnguard, Matfer and Pavoni.

We even offer disposable kitchen preparation gloves in a number of materials including latex and vinyl. Perfect for maintaining hygiene levels in busy kitchens where cross-contamination of food types can occur.

All of our kitchenware products are perfect for a wide range of establishments and businesses.

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