Dining & Bar

Dining & Bar

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Dining & Bar

Your dining and bar area is the first area that guests will no doubt see when they enter your business. Make sure the first impression counts with our extensive range of high-quality dining and bar equipment, decor and accessories.

Ensuring guest comfort is integral in the service industry, with so much competition for custom, make sure that your dining area is comfortable and stylish.

Not limited to just the fixtures and fittings, we stock one of the UK's widest ranges of essential dining and bar equipment for your to choose from.

Whether you are looking for a tasteful yet functional dining space, our selection of furniture, table linens, crockery, cutlery and other integral tableware items needed for this space, ensures that we have a wide selection to suit your needs.

Once diners have finished, your table clearance protocol may require fresh table linen, clearing trolleys and service trays, you can find all this and more in our online database.

We are also able to offer point of sale equipment such as electronic cash registers, safes and clocking-in equipment for accurate staffing records and performance. A real must for any food or drink related business.

Bar Supplies

Busy bars and pubs need access to all the accessories and extras that make them tick, from bottle openers to ice storage and everything in-between.

If you've ever considered serving spirits or would like to allow guests to wine and dine, then you'll benefit from the addition of professional bar supplies from our enhanced catalogue.

All work and no play leave us tired too, so we even offer the classic British pub tradition of a dartboard. We genuinely have the lot.

Beverage Service

Beyond cold drinks, you want to be able to offer classics such as tea and coffee. Our selection of beverage service items is perfect for those looking to offer quality hot drinks in bulk or even just small quantities.

Tea and coffee sets, cafetieres, drink dispensers and airports are all available to choose from with styles to suit hotels, restaurants, cafes and more.

Buffet Display

Quality food presentation allows your finely crafted food to speak for itself, meaning you can concentrate on making the best food to wow your guests.

With an incredibly wide range of quality buffet display and presentation options, we aim to help you please when it comes to offering professional kitchens the gear they need.

If you need display products or service options, then take a look at our range of crockery, serving dishes, cheeseboards, cake stands, chafing dishes, display baskets, presentation boards and even spiked meat carving dishes.


Essential to almost every single foodservice business, from cafes to clubs, bars to restaurants, crockery comes in many shapes, sizes and styles.

Catering-grade crockery is unlike home versions, as it is designed to last much longer than our home kitchen counterpart.

Long-lasting, high-quality and incredibly affordable, our range of commercial crockery is perfect for your professional kitchen.


High-grade catering cutlery can last a literal lifetime, made from the hardest wearing materials, in the finest designs and made incredibly affordable.

Our entire range includes options to suit just about any foodservice business and even includes disposable options for takeaway usage.

Financial Equipment

Guests need to pay, and you need to be paid for your hard work, that's why we offer a range of cash registers or tills and even staff management equipment such as clocking in machines, safes and security equipment.

All designed to keep track of guest spending and ensure that your business can run smoothly.

Food Presentation

Much like our selection of buffet display equipment, there are often dishes and meals that need a little more showmanship when served.

Understanding that not every single meal is created equally ensures that we know exactly what you need, and so we have curated a selection of food presentation options to suit your business.

From display boards to presentation stands, casserole dishes to woodware, if you want to enhance your entire table food presentation then you'll find exactly what you need in our online catalogue. 


Seating, tables and more is integral to almost all catering businesses, choosing the right aesthetic means that guests feel comfortable or appropriately comfortable based on your personal vision.

Indoor and outdoor furniture can be found in our selection, we don't just cater for the dining areas, with cloakroom equipment, lockers and cabinets and even garden furniture all available to select.

Make sure everyone is completely comfortable on your premises with our help.


You can find everything from pint glasses to wine glasses in our glassware section. If drinks are on your menu, then you'll want to serve them in sparkling glasses.

We don't want you to compromise, that's why we offer exceptional value on our entire range which includes everything you could need to serve classic cold and even hot drinks.


Professional lighting options can transform your dining and entertainment areas in an instant, allowing you to dictate the ambience of almost anywhere in your establishment.

Our range of professional lighting includes low energy options alongside commonly used heat lamps for keeping guests and food warm before being served.

Menus & Boards

Entice, inform and promote with the addition of the important menus and menu boards for your restaurant, cafe, bar or coffee shop.

We can provide you with everything from bill presenters and check pads to blackboard pavement stands and simple table menus and holders.

Don't let your guests go uninformed, give them a quality menu option and see your profits increase.

Table Linen

Enhance the dining experience whilst protecting your tables and dining areas from the inevitable wear and tear of daily usage with quality linen designed to withstand the day-to-day rigours of professional usage.

With contemporary styles and simple hard-wearing table linen available to suit the expansive range of restaurant, bar, pub, cafe and more, we are sure there is a style to suit you.

Trolleys & Clearing

In incredibly busy kitchens, canteens, restaurants and fast food outlets, the need to quickly clear and cleanup before the next group of diners or guests arrive is paramount.

We provide a curated selection of trolleys and clearing options to make this process an absolute doddle, from bottle trolleys to charged plate storage, dumbwaiters to stacking trolleys, you'll save time and effort by providing your staff the right tools of the trade.

Can't find what you're looking for? Or want to know more about a specific product? Then call our friendly team on 01977 687 665 to discuss all of your options.