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Ice Machines

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Ice Machines

Ice machines are designed to provide large amounts of quality ice cubes in an instant. We offer a range of various ice machines giving you more flexibility for usage such as ice makers, ice crushers, ice shavers and ice flakers.

Essential in the bar and nightclub industry, being able to provide your guests with premium ice cubes can enhance all of the drinks you serve. Plus they save time and money over pre-made ice cubes.

Ice machines come in a range of sizes, shapes and types, but what do you need?

Ice Flakers

Flaked ice is useful in a range of businesses for storage and display purposes.

Butchers and fishmongers love displaying fresh fish and meat directly in cabinets with attractive ice to help them generate even more interest and attention from customers.

You can use flaked ice in a wider range of service, from drinks to desserts for added flair and a very different dining or drinking experience.

Ice Crushers

Ice crushers grind and break apart ice cubes and bigger blocks of ice into more manageable and usable chunks.

Used in high-end establishments for cocktail making, crushed ice is an effective tool for the finest drinks.

Unlike ice cubes, which melt slowly, crushed ice melts more evenly, for a drink that remains cool all the way down. This means you use less ice when compared with the cubed form. Ice Shavers

The ice shaver is used in the creation of drinks, using ice as the base. Then adding flavour and colour for an attractive and interesting drinking experience.

It works by taking in ice in cube form or block form and turns it into a fine powdery form. This means that you get the cold benefits of the ice, but a fluffy form that works well in a range of ways.

With a wealth of drink options open to experimentation, an ice shaver could provide you with a new way to generate sales during the hot summer months.

Ice Makers

The service industry runs on many things, ice being one of those. A reliable and efficient ice maker is definitely a must for many commercial food businesses.

Luckily we have some of the very best available on the market. Ice makers of all shapes, sizes, output levels and price points are present and correct.

Need to create ice cubes that are uniform in size, perfectly formed and perfect for usage in drinks, desserts and a whole host of other areas? You would be wise to get access to an ice maker long before the busy summer months.

If you only need intermittent amounts of ice, then a small countertop unit could be the perfect addition to your bar or serving areas.

Ice Dispensers

Ice dispensers are ideal for self-service areas, hotels and more, giving customers direct access to quality ice cubes at the touch of a button.

Some ice dispensers lack the capability to actually create ice, and so certain units may need to be replenished at regular intervals to ensure that you have a constant supply of ice.

All machines have been designed to provide perfect ice products whist being energy efficient. Compact under counter and free-standing models are also available.

Sleek, stylish and durable, we are sure that there is an ice making option to enhance your serving, display and self-service areas.

We only stock the finest machines from the world's biggest brands. if you are looking for ice making units from the likes of Hoshizaki, Polar, Ice-O-Matic and Foster, then you've found the right place.

To find out how you could benefit from a dedicated ice machine, then please call 01977 687 665 to speak to a member of our team.

Call us today on 01977 687665

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