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Chefs Clothing

Chefs Clothing

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Chefs Clothing

A proper kitchen requires staff that are properly kitted out, ensure that all of your chefs and kitchen staff are kitted out in the appropriate work attire, be that clothing, chefswear, shoes and hats.

As chefs clothing suppliers, we offer all of the traditional chef whites, chef wear pants and chef uniform options to suit your business.

Highly recognisable, the uniform of the chef is believed to be one of the oldest in existence. The sight of a chef decked out in perfect white can be traced back well into the 19th Century with Marie-Antoine Careme, dubbed the "King of Chefs and the Chef of Kings", credited with developing the timeless all-white look. And why white? Well, that's because white is the colour of purity and cleanliness, two things we all wish to associate with cooking.

Featuring garments and accessories from top brands Chef Works, Bonzer and Whites Chefs Apparel, our range of chefs' clothing includes a whole manner of essential items such as tunics, jackets, trousers, protective aprons and neckerchiefs.

All of our clothing has been specifically chosen for their suitability to withstand the rigours of a busy working day in the heat of a fast-paced commercial kitchen and as such, all items of a high standard of quality.