Beverage Machines

Beverage Machines

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Beverage Machines

Usually, where there is food, there are drinks. Drinks can even be the basis of your business, ranging from alcohol to tea, coffee, juice, smoothies, milkshakes and much more.

We understand the importance of being able to offer your guests the highest quality beverages at all times, and so we offer a range of excellent commercial beverage machines to help aid your drink service.

Having a mixture of both hot and cold drinks can be stressful, catering for two distinct drink types can be difficult, but we do our utmost to make it easy to find the right beverage solution to meet your business requirements.

Water boilers are a great way to provide a range of simple hot drinks and more in an instant, allowing you to make large quantities of tea and instant coffee with little to no effort required.

If you would prefer a 'proper' coffee experience, then we can even provide dedicated coffee machines, superb bean to cup and espresso machines that make the finest coffee at the press of a button. Not only that, but they are an eye-catching centrepiece for your bar, restaurant or cafe.

For buffet-style serving, we have a huge range of quality juice extractors and juice machines, designed to freshly squeeze juice to perfection with every single usage. Synonymous with breakfast, orange juice is a winner in any business.

Water boilers

A must for any catering business that wants access to high quality hot water for drinks, dishes and much more, the commercial water boiler has become an absolute essential.

Designed to provide hot or boiling water efficiently and in large quantities, you could stand to save a packet by investing in one of our ultra-efficient water boiler models.

Plumbed or tank-fill options are available, giving even remote locations and mobile caterers the ability to offer incredible quality hot drinks for avid customers, staff and more.

Water Coolers

Are an efficient way of providing chilled, great tasting water for customers and staff, we aim to provide a range of water dispensing solutions for usage in offices, kitchens, schools, canteens and many more locations.

Plumbed and bottled water coolers are a great way of accessing clean and clear drinking water, and can save both time and money whilst also improve the quality of the drinks you serve or offer.

Filtered and tasty, keep your guests and staff hydrated without destroying the environment.

Drinking Fountains

Simple and effective, a water fountain or drinking fountain is the perfect addition to service areas and allows staff and guests quick direct and container-less access to clean, fresh drinking water.

Common in public spaces, schools, offices and even service stations, allow everyone to serve themselves without fuss or excess waste.

Cup Warmers

Designed to help you serve hot drinks that don't wimp out and go cold within minutes, cup warmers are commonly found alongside coffee machines and tea urns designed to offer you stellar hot drinks.

Cup warmers are great for serving hot drinks that customers want to grasp during cold wintery days.

In pre-warmed cups, the mouthwatering aroma of your hot drinks is released in its entirety, resulting in a much better drinking experience for every single customer.

Coffee & Espresso Machines

Whether you are looking to improve your hot drink options or are seeking to add coffee to your menu, our excellent range of coffee and espresso machines provide you with the means to make exceptional espresso and coffee-based drinks.

From bean to cup coffee machines, coffee hot plates, filter coffee machines and of course the traditional espresso machine, we have units to suit your exact requirements.

Tap into the booming coffee market and see your profits skyrocket.

Bar Blenders

Professional bar blenders offer you and your bar staff the ability to create a whole host of cocktails, non-alcoholic smoothies, milkshakes and more in one simple, easy to use unit.

Helping you crush ice in mere seconds, bar blenders give guests a completely different drinking experience than simply adding ice cubes to cold drinks.

Adding a sense of theatre and showmanship, we stock only the finest selection of bar blenders from around the globe.

Smoothie Makers

The cold drinks market has now evolved to include a wave of health conscious options that still satisfy the tastebuds of the paying public. 

Commercial smoothie makers provide an excellent option for providing fruity drinks in ultra-quick time and in much larger quantities than the home kitchen counterpart.

Incredibly popular and incredibly profitable, if you want to shake up your cold drink offering, then you might want to consider a dedicated smoothie maker.

Hot Chocolate Machines

Not everybody is looking for coffee or tea, hot chocolate machines allow you to cater for those who don't enjoy the taste of caffeine, such as children and teens, but still want an indulgent hot drink experience.

Perfect for the winter months, the rich taste of hot chocolate is enjoyed by millions all over the globe, so why not indulge them?

Slush Machines

Unlike hot chocolate machines, slush machines are designed with the Summer in mind, providing quality iced-drinks that can transform a hot day in the sun.

Not just perfect for serving from an ice cream van or cafe, slushes are gaining popularity in bars and clubs where drinkers want something slightly different, serve the finest Strawberry daiquiris and increase that profit margin.

With products from leading brands such as Lincat, Fracino, Instanta, Robot Coupe, Waring and Zumex, our beverage equipment selection offers you the chance to browse top quality equipment that are available at affordable and competitive prices.

If you are unsure what beverage machine would be the best fit for your business, or you would like to discuss any specific beverage making product, then please call our team on 01977 687 665.