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Disposable Cups & Lids

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Disposable Cups & Lids

Disposable cups have become synonymous with the catering trade, thanks to their versatility and ubiquity.

Offering a great way to provide your customers the option of takeaway drinks without compromising on quality, they could be considered an essential for most businesses.

Cups come in a range of sizes, shapes and materials all of which are designed for a specific purpose or even different target market.

You wouldn't expect to be served a pint of beer in a paper cup, which is why clear disposable plastic options are offered, to emulate the feel of a real glass counterpart drinking vessel.

Disposable pint glasses are ideal for bars that have outdoor areas, making it safer from shards if cups are dropped, require no cleaning and still offer a great taste experience.

The same goes for coffee or hot drinks, a plastic cup isn't ideal as you can end up with very hot hands! Double-walled paper cups are therefore a much better option.

Should you want to serve hot drinks on the move or for takeaway consumption, then we have an array of quality, affordable cups and lids to suit your style.

If foam cups are more your bag, then we have an array of these lightweight and very thermally efficient options to choose from.

Allowing you to serve a wide array drinks - both hot and cold - we are sure that should beverages play a crucial role in your business then we will be able to help elevate your serving options.


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