Catering Disposables

Catering Disposables

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Catering Disposables

We understand that not all catering businesses serve their foods or produce in dining areas. Some establishments also diversify to offer takeaway food and drink options. Because of this, we stock a range of specialist catering supplies to suit all food and drink business types.

Our range of disposable cutlery and food containers are popular with fast food restaurants, cafes and coffee shops. They come in a range of styles and price points to suit your budget and taste.

We're committed to providing the takeaway industry with a wealth of serving options. This ensures we meet the ever-changing demands and tastes placed upon them by the UK consumer.

Disposable options provide serving flexibility and customer freedom, without compromising. Having a large range of quality takeaway specific items enables you to serve a wider customer base.

For many the cost of disposable cutlery, plates, bowls, straws, napkins and accessories can be a huge factor in how they choose their supply.

So you can rest assured that our range of disposable items are not only very affordable but provide you with serving quality.

If you hadn't considered the idea of takeout food and drink, then you could increase the appeal of your kitchen creations with a few additions.

With a wide variety of styles available and many exclusive brands, we are sure that you will find a product to suit your needs.

Disposable Cups & Lids

From hot drinks to cold drinks, a proper disposable cup or takeaway cup is both convenient and designed for customer satisfaction.

In pubs, it's sensible to offer plastic pint glasses if you've got large crowds or don't want the potential for the mess of smashed glasses. It's also much safer to offer plastic drinking vessels if you are serving larger crowds.

Coffee shops and cafes tend to be one of the biggest users of disposable coffee cups and so we cater directly to you. Should you want to allow customers to take their hot drinks with them without detriment to the quality of your product.

We can offer an array of varied disposable cups and lids to suit almost every single catering business.

Disposable Cutlery

Ideal for usage in all types of food business, disposable knives, forks and spoons reduce the pressure on your kitchen. Using them means there is one less thing to wash and clean.

Of course, there is a wide selection of throwaway options to suit your budget and business type. Disposable cutlery is a great option if takeaway food is a main priority in your business.

We can provide a selection of plastic and wooden utensils for expert mobile dining should you be seeking a one-use option for your customers.

Disposable Glasses

A stalwart in the catering supplies industry, disposable glasses have improved year-on-year. They are now often comparable to the actual glass counterparts.

Because we understand how important the drinking experience is, we only stock some of the most popular and best quality disposable glasses.

Plastic glasses are affordable and durable. Plus they're perfect for events, outdoor catering and hospitality companies.

From wine glasses to tumblers, shot glasses to pint glasses, our disposable options allow you to provide a wide range of drinking vessels.

Disposable Plates & Bowls

For outdoor and event catering, disposable plates and bowls allow you to serve up dishes that can be thrown away once finished.

From foam plates to plastic bowls, and even disposable sauce dishes, there is likely to be an option suited to your scenario.

Food & Takeaway Containers

Stock up on cartons, trays and burger boxes with our affordable options that have been designed for the takeaway restaurant trade.

The sheer range of takeaway food options means that there are going to be very specific serving methods. Such as the traditional wrapping used in Fish and Chip shops, to the sandwich containers used in bakeries and sandwich bars.

Our range includes Children's meal boxes, cake boxes and salad containers. There is also an option to make any of your food options almost 100% takeaway friendly.

Napkins & Napkin Dispensers

Whether you're focusing on the takeaway market or not, you can provide quality single-use napkins for your diners.

No matter how hard businesses have tried, the napkin is here to stay, with freshening up wipes also being a mainstay in many locations.

See our full range of napkins. From functional and affordable through to high-end luxury, stylish serving accessories.

Straws & Dispensers

Disposable straws are popular in all types of business. From the high-end to the cafe or coffee shop, it stands to reason as almost any drink type can be enjoyed through a straw.

If you're serving alcohol, many drinkers now prefer a gin and tonic without having to deal with the ice. A straw means no issues for those with sensitive teeth.

Keeping track of your straws is no mean feat either, that's why dedicated straw dispensers and holders are a great bar or counter top addition. These even allow your customers to get themselves a straw without needing staff help.

To find out more about a specific product, or for questions regarding our catering supplies, please call a member of our team on 01977 687 665.