Heated and Ambient Displays

Heated and Ambient Displays

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  1. Hatco RCTHW2-3 Heatmax Countertop Heated Well
    Temperature Range: Adjustable from 40°C to 95°C.
    List: £1,024.80 Save: 34%
    List: £854.00 Save: 34%
    £668.35 £556.96
  2. Hatco RCTHW2-3B Heatmax Built-In Heated Well
    Temperature Range: Adjustable from 40°C to 95°C.
    List: £1,082.40 Save: 34%
    List: £902.00 Save: 34%
    £705.91 £588.26
  3. Hatco RCTHW2-6 Heatmax Countertop Heated Well
    Temperature Range: Adjustable from 40°C to 95°C.
    List: £1,418.40 Save: 34%
    List: £1,182.00 Save: 34%
    £925.04 £770.87
  4. Hatco RCTHW2-6B Heatmax Built-In Heated Well
    Temperature Range: Adjustable from 40°C to 95°C.
    List: £1,456.80 Save: 34%
    List: £1,214.00 Save: 34%
    £950.09 £791.74

4 Items

Heated and Ambient Displays

When making food to order in a busy restaurant, bar or cafe, food will need to be stored and in many cases displayed until served directly to your paying customers.

To ensure high standards it's integral to have an effective and consistent display, ensuring that you are able to maintain safe serving temperatures and therefore keeping food quality standards high and safe.

Due to the varying nature of catering businesses, we understand that there will be slight differences in serving method or preference.

Buffet services and carvery units are a great way to keep food at safe optimum serving temperatures and ready for diners to use, without drying out food or seeing a deterioration in food quality.

Chip scuttles keep French fries, roast potatoes and chips at the perfect temperature whilst being cost effective and allowing for a higher kitchen output.

We also stock a range of common food merchandisers, food display gantry, pie warmers, hot plates, warming cupboards, plate warmers, soup kettles, bain maries and hot sauce dispensers to enhance and streamline your serving process without compromising on quality.

Heated and chilled units are available, with all manner of shapes and sizes to choose from, we are sure that you will find a display unit for your business.

Bain Maries

Integral as part of many foodservice businesses, the bain marie provides the ability to keep food warm and ready to serve long after being prepared.

Used in a wide variety of fast food restaurants, canteens, carveries and much more, a commercial bain marie offers a solution to the age old problem of consistency long after a dish has been prepared.

Reduce food waste and increase serving length whilst maintaining your high-quality dishes and food options.

Carvery Buffet units

The traditional British Sunday lunch and the desire to go to a classic carvery are synonymous with the pub, bar or restaurant.

Designed to help streamline the entire carvery serving procedure, our range of carvery buffet units can be tailored exactly to your specifications and needs.

Mobile, sturdy and including all the extras that you could possibly need to carve, serve and slap on the food for your paying guests.

Chip Scuttles

Quality potatoes need to be kept in ideal conditions, the same can be said once cooked after all nobody wants to eat soggy or oily chips.

The addition of a chip scuttle can enhance and speed up your chip making process, by holding your fried potatoes at the ideal temperature, ensuring they stay perfectly crispy and ready to eat.

An eye-catching unit for your front of house locations, the chip scuttle shows your dedication to one of Britain's oldest fast food options, no matter your business clientele.

Food Merchandisers

With a dedicated food merchandiser, you can allow your food to truly speak for itself, with glass fronts, heated or chilled interiors, these units are ideal for a whole host of catering businesses.

Commonly found in bakeries, convenience stores and fast food outlets, a dedicated food merchandiser is ideal for showcasing a whole host of dishes, whilst allowing your customers to choose the exact item they wish to order.

Coming in an array of shapes, sizes, capacities and heating/chilling options, no matter what you offer: bakery, butcher, pizza shop, patisserie or other, we can provide you with the finest food merchandising options available.

Heated Food Display and Gantry

Remembering that your presentation is as important as the taste of the dish itself is important to every professional caterer, with heated food display and gantry options you can be sure your product is perfect with every service.

Heated gantries allow for food to be instantly visible and are suitable for all types of food business, from mobile caterers to fast food outlets, high-end restaurants to pubs and bars.

With modular and bespoke options available, you will be able to tailor your serving areas to suit your specific needs, helping smooth the transition from kitchen to table with every single service.

Hot Cupboards & Plate Warmers

Providing your serving areas with direct access to hot plates and hot foods in a convenient and transportable package, the hot cupboard or plate warmer is an exceptional utility unit.

Ideal for outdoor or mobile caterers that serve dishes in a variety of locations far from the kitchen, the addition of a hot cupboard could transform your serving procedure and enhance your overall dining experience.

Hot plates are an essential if you want your food to be the very best it can be, so it should come as no surprise that ready access to hot plates is a must in many food businesses.

Our plate warmers provide the ability to store an easily accessible array of plates, bowls and dishes for your kitchen and serving staff to access when required.

Hot Plates

Keeping your food warmer for longer, the hot plate is a great addition for tabletop serving or simply keeping dishes at serving temperature and ready for consumption.

Commercial hot plates provide your kitchen and dining areas with yet another option for convenience in a standalone appliance that can be used in a variety of locations.

Commonly used by mobile caterers and even within the scientific industry, the hot plate could provide an extra service option you hadn't already considered.

Pie Warmers & Cabinets

Keep pies and pastries warm, crispy and perfectly puff with our range of commercial pie warmers for bakeries and more that make a wide range of pastry products.

With a heated interior and glass front for easy viewing, with correct placement and internal inventory management, guests will be queueing to get their mitts on your hot pies, pasties and more.

Our range includes a whole host of various sizes and shapes, with units specifically designed for usage in bakeries, fish and chip shops, mobile catering vans and much more.

Soup Kettles

Making large batches of soup is made even easier with the addition of a dedicated commercial soup kettle from our online catalogue.

Allowing you to make much larger quantities of soup than simply making to order, the soup kettle is an essential during the cold winter months but can also be utilised to keep chillis, stews, casseroles and curries warm and ready to serve.

Ideal for mobile caterers, these incredibly portable units can even be used to help keep drinks such as mulled wine and cider hot and in perfect condition for hours at a time.

Hot Sauce Dispensers

Designed to make the process of adding condiments that little bit easier whilst also enhancing the taste, a hot sauce dispenser can help improve your fast food serving process instantly.

A more traditional sauce bottle can be unhygienic, awkward and is very easy to spill, but with a hot sauce dispenser the process is made simple and slick.

Ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise and many more sauces can be added to create the ultimate condiment dispensing solution for all manner of catering business, but in particular those serving snacks and fast food.

To learn more about any product or for questions relating to any item we have listed in our online catalogue, please call 01977 687 665 to speak to a member of our team.