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Catering Essentials

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Completing your Cafe or Coffee Shop

The foundation for a great cafe or coffee is quality equipment, ingredients and of course - a skilled Barista.

Coffee has been part of our culture since 1651, when the first coffee shop opened in England. Coffee drinking has been growing yearly, even through economic strain and troubles. We now drink approximately 95 million cups of coffee per day!

Modern coffee shops have grown to be quite diverse, offering more than just an espresso - some have huge menus that offer everything from an americano to a pumpkin spice latte! And it's not just drinks, increasingly people are expecting food items and sweet treats too.

We can help you with all of your requirements, with this carefully chosen selection of cafe and coffee shop equipment.

Coffee and Espresso Machines

Coffee is now the world's most popular drink, and continues to grow in popularity year-on-year. The drink has been made in many ways over time, but the principles remain incredibly simple. 1. Roast your coffee beans. 2. Grind them up 3. Add hot water.

Modern machines offer many great features that help you offer better products faster and more efficiently. Features that can include pre-programmed measurements, automatic cleaning, steam arms and multiple group heads.


These delicious toasted sandwiches became popular in the 1970's and 80's, being made from a toasted baguette, ciabatta or michetta bread, usually containing mozzarella cheese accompanied with various other flavours. They pair very well with eating on the go, or sitting down for a cup of coffee and a panini - they are both Italian delicacies after all!

A key part of the panini process is a contact grill. Perfectly sized for paninins, these allow you to fill your bread with the ingredients, press the lid down on top, compressing the bread. The cheese, filling and bread combine together, creating a hot, toasted and easy to eat toasted sandwich.

Cafe Essentials

There is some coffee shop equipment that almost every cafe should have, an essential ingredient if you will. These can include Microwaves - that allow you to quickly heat up or defrost products on-demand. Commercial microwaves offer a lot of features and capability that a regular home microwave would not.

Hot water boilers also provide on-demand hot water, which is useful as it can take the strain from your coffee machine, as well as reduce energy consumption and therefore save you money. Not only that but having reliable access to hot water will save your team time.

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