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Braving the great Outdoors

Catering in the outdoors can be a challenge - fighting against wind, rain (or sometimes even the heat!), constantly challenging your planning and your equipment.

Outdoors can mean a diverse range of potential situations, whether it's catering for a local hotel, pub, wedding venue or tourist attraction - or something more rugged and unreliable, like a beach, forest or somewhere even more remote!

Ever popular, outdoor catering is often practised during the spring, summer and autumn seasons. The needs and requirements of catering outdoors are based on the same principles as indoor catering such as plates, utensils, napkins etc, however there are key products and equipment you need for an outside eating situation you may not have thought about.

Eating outdoors for special events has always been a popular idea in the UK, despite our unpredictable weather. Outdoor caterers are offering a very diverse range of foods today, including traditional BBQ, quirky or specific wedding menus, themed foods or a fancy feast - often food cooked in an outdoor situation can be even more elaborate or posh as a regular restaurant meal!

Portable Cooking Equipment

Bring the high quality catering equipment you know from the kitchen, outdoors. Induction hobs, LPG water boilers, griddles and preparation equipment is all available, helping you get food prepped, cooked and served efficiently and to your usual high standards.

Taking the kitchen outside doesn't mean that your performance and quality has to suffer.

Disposable Tableware and Serveware

Ideal for parties and other special events, make cleaning up easy with disposable tableware including plates, bowls, cups and more. It's tableware is affordable and convenient, and with the wide choice of sizes, shapes and colours, you're sure to find the right fit for your business, event or client.

Outdoor Heating Appliances

Serving food outdoors can be a challenge, especially in our country, where the weather can go from glorious to gloomy in minutes. Good contingency is key, and part of that can be heating. If your event is running in Autumn, Winter or Spring (or maybe even summer!), patio heaters may be a smart decision to keep your guests warm and happy whilst they are enjoying their food and drinks.

Food Storage and Containers

Keep food fresh and organised whilst catering outdoors with useful and affordable food containers. Food containers of various shapes and sizes are available, able to keep fresh and protect anything from baguettes to burgers.

Both disposable and re-usable storage containers can help organise your food preparation and make serving throughput faster and more efficient, with less wastage.

Gazebos and Parasols

Another key part of planning - what happens if it rains? What happens if the sun or wind is causing issues with cooking and hygiene? A gazebo or parasol (or both in harmony with each other) can help your contingency plan, or just give your food preparation and serving a more dedicated and organised "space" - keeping your workspace free of clutter and guests.

Outdoor Furniture

Depending on your event, location or budget, you may want to provide outdoor furniture to go alongside your catering efforts. It can start at just simple chairs, or range to picnic benches, tables or even sun loungers!

Keep guests happy whilst eating, improving your customer experience - or offer catering clients that extra level of service.